Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Keep Calm and Check Acronyms!

Due to the vicious, vindictive vile venom we've seen sprayed all over the mainstream media over the last few days, I feel compelled to clarify something.  Although obvious to most, I feel the need to make sure that everybody who does not live in the rural western US understands the current acronym confusion a lot of people seem to be suffering from. I was perplexed by the sudden bile-filled tsunami of lib-tards and people of color losing their minds over situation in Malheur County, OR.  And then I kept seeing hash-tags with BLM attached, and rantings about 'white racist terrorists.'  So, just to make sure...

...the BLM that the Hammond Family supporters were protesting against this past weekend is the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, and NOT the African-American protest movement BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Just in case anybody misunderstood.

It would be an epic fail of historical proportions for the next American Civil War to start over a misunderstood acronym.  It's almost like it was planned by some diabolical evil genius to divide and conquer us all, isn't it?

And I agree - Black Lives DO Matter.  And so does EVERYBODY else's too.  Because my empathy is for fellow human beings - whatever their race, color, creed, religion or personal philosophy may be.

United - we stand.

Divided - we fall.  All of us.

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