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The legal fight with BLM has already cost us tens of thousands of dollars, in legal fees, FOIA fees,  certified copies of Country records, research, postage, etc,. At this point, three and a half years after the BLM attempted to shut down the mine and steal our Stamp Mill, we are still shelling out money.  The fight goes on, and it is a fight that is, not just for us, but for the rights of every small miner, and the rights of everyone who has property or any sort.  Every cent counts!

If you are experiencing financial hardship yourself, please don't send us any money! Just help us spread the word instead - share our blog posts, our Facebook posts, and any other story you find on people being abused by the seditionists at the Bureau of Land Management - they don't work for us, and they don't work for this country.

The button below is the ONLY place to donate to the Sugar Pine Mine Legal Fund.  Any other site connecting itself with the Sugar Pine Mine or using our name to collect donations are NOT collecting money for us.

Sugar Pine Mine Legal Fund
Spread the word far and wide!  Talk about the situation on your blog, YouTube channel, Twitter feed or Facebook page, link to the Sugar Pine Mine Website or post our articles, link to the Sugar Pine Mine Facebook page and share our posts, retweet everything on our Twitter feed.  These are the ONLY places for official updates and info on the Sugar Pine Mine situation.

Whichever method you chose to use to help us get the word out, please use ONLY the information on this website, or the Facebook page - these are the ONLY accurate and truthful sources of information available.

Unfortunately, the activists-in-journalists'-clothing in the media never reported the story correctly and some are spreading disinfo, and even blatant lies, and even people who support us are sending out misinfo. This case is about rights, law and regulations - rights which are being abused, regulations that are being misapplied, and laws that are being broken by a rogue federal agency.

Here are all the relevant pages for you to link to and bookmark to keep up-to-date with the happenings at the Sugar Pine Mine -

Sugar Pine Mine Blog 
The ONLY OFFICIAL Sugar Pine Mine Website

Sugar Pine Mine Facebook Page
The ONLY OFFICIAL Sugar Pine Mine Facebook Page

Sugar Pine Mine Twitter Feed 
The ONLY OFFICIAL Sugar Pine Mine Twitter Feed

Sugar Pine Mine Legal Fund
The ONLY place to donate money to us

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