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The legal fight with BLM has cost us tens of thousands of dollars, in legal fees, FOIA fees,  certified copies of Country records, research, postage, letter campaigns to congressmen, senators, government committees, right on up to the President of the United States himself.  At this point, five years after the Medford District BLM's Abandoned Mine Lands Unit attempted to shut down the mine and steal our Stamp Mill, we are still shelling out money.  The fight goes on, and it is a fight that is, not just for us, but for the rights of every small miner, and the rights of everyone who has property of any sort.  This is the agency MO - they threaten you, extort you, exhaust you, then break you.  That's not going to happen in the Sugar Pine Mine case.

We still want to spread the word about the thieves and liars at BLM Medford.  Share the old posts on this blog, and any other story you come across about people being abused by the seditionists at the Bureau of Land Management - they don't work for us, and they don't work for this country either.

Unfortunately, the activists-in-journalists'-clothing of the media never reported the story correctly and spread misinfo and out-and-out disinfo, blatant lies. This case is about rights, about law and regulations - rights which are being abused, regulations that are being misapplied, and laws that are being broken by a rogue federal agency.  All we wanted - all we still want - is for BLM to follow the law and appropriately apply their regulations.  Make no mistake - the fight goes on.  And on.  And on.  And in the end, we WILL win.

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