Thursday, June 7, 2018

BOMBSHELL : BLM Employees Admit Sugar Pine Mine is Pre-1866 and has Surface Rights!

The following email exchange between members of the BLM Medford District's Abandoned Mine Lands Unit and Minerals Division is proof that they KNEW the Sugar Pine Mine was Pre-1955 and had intact Surface Rights. (Even although they actually have the location date wrong because they don't have the complete Chain of Title.) This is the reason they broke the Stay issued against their enforcement, granted to the miners by the IBLA court – to change the location date of the mine to bring it under a different regulatory authority.  They actually tampered with documents during a legal case!

We have redacted the email exchange of all surnames, email addresses and phone numbers, since BLM Law Enforcement tried to have us criminally charged...for posting the work numbers of PUBLIC SERVANTS.  No, really.  (This is what happens to you when you have the audacity to ask the BLM monarchy to follow their own regulations and federal law.)

The Sugar Pine Mine is the only surviving mining claim group of this age in the state – as you can see being admitted by the lying, cheating, thieving as-yet unindicted co-conspirators at BLM.

This email exchange happened in 2013, BEFORE George and Rick owned the claims. At the time, the claim was owned by the person referred to in the email chain, who is described as “immortal” by a now-former BLM employee, clearly referencing the age and surface status of the claims.  He also likens the agency to “the kragan [sic],” misspelling Kraken - a mythical vicious monster. We agree, BLM - you are vicious monsters.  But if only you too were fictitious.

The BLM Medford District Lead Geologist entitled the email "one mining claim left in the state located prior to 1866."  Well, gee willikers - it's the Sugar Pine Mine!  This was the answer to a question she asked a BLM Land Law Examiner - "how many active mining claims were located in 1866 and before?" 

The following document is the attachment sent in the email - the Live Serial Register Page which has the original location date of the claim - but again, their date is actually wrong.

Click on images to enlarge.

BLM you're busted.

And as Zeus would say, “Release the (legal) Kraken!”

NOTE : Before you freak out and man the BLM SWAT truck, Special Agent AS, this is PUBLIC INFORMATION received as a FOIA response - and no, you still can't arrest us for telling the truth about your corrupt, lying agency, sorry.  And remember, Special Agent, you're the one who refuses to investigate the crimes committed by BLM employees. That's aiding and abetting, and taking part in the conspiracy to steal private, personal, conveyed items of property.

None of the names of the public servants (ho-ho) are redacted on the document that was sent. This is the document as-is. This is information the public has a right to see.

"Krakken" Chris West Art


  1. The BLM once again shows Americans it is not working for the best interest of America or her citizen's. the actions at the "Sugar Pine Mine" and in Burns, Oregon need to be taken to the full extent of the law allowed and the BLM must be held accountable and pay restitution and damages to ALL involved. Finally, this illegal agency needs to be totally and permanently disbanded and broken up.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Robert. We agree - the BLM is a bastard agency that makes a mockery of what it was intended to do, and continues to terrorize the people on a daily basis.

    There's lots more to reveal about what they did to us - some of it you will not believe. They are an utter disgrace.

    As for being held accountable, well, easier said than done, but we're working on it!


We thank you for your comment. Come back again soon as we continue to chronicle the abuse and crimes of the Bureau of Land Management against us.

~ The Sugar Pine Folks.