Saturday, September 8, 2018


All of us here at the Sugar Pine Mine would like to say an enormous THANK YOU! to all the guys and gals from the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office, the Oregon Department of Forestry, the U.S. Forest Service, and the National Guard, for the incredible job they did protecting all the mines and homes in the Galice Mining District.

They even wrapped our cabin, mill building, and our infamous Stamp Mill in fire-proof Mylar sheeting to protect it from the fire!

The Sugar Pine Mine Mill Building, wrapped in Mylar fire-proof sheeting

The Taylor Creek Fire came very close to our mine infrastructure - it actually burned into the southern end of the Sugar Pine Group. Fortunately, due to the hard work and diligence of ODF and the State Fire Marshal, none of our structures were destroyed.

Thank you so much for all that you have done - you guys rock!  

Stay safe our there, and God bless and keep all of you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

BLM Medford's Foul-Mouthed Internet Troll

The following screenshots are of posts from an internet forum that we believe is frequented by disgraced and compromised federal government employees, sentenced to this purgatory for their wrong-doing.

The website, The Fog Bow, has a sordid history and has been used at least once to justify Probable Cause that resulted in an innocent man being jailed for 4 years.  The owner / founder of this website, is a wretched little man - reported to be an alcoholic and drug-addict.  He is a disgraced former attorney whose charges were so egregious, he had to step down from the California State Bar. The website has a well-documented pedigree and was literally set up by staffers in President Obama's White House in order to debunk what was known as the Birther movement - a group of people who did not believe that Barack Obama was a natural-born American.

I'm not going to send them traffic by linking to their digital hovel - you can look them up if you're interested in hanging out with the pitiful creatures.

These screenshots are of posts made on that forum by the instigator of the Sugar Pine Mine Incident - under the screenname Cato - who tried to steal the Stamp Mill on one of our claims.  I will rebut each claim and lie with the truth, as always.

Click on each image to enlarge...

#1 - Zero Support

"I am directly involved in another of these standoffs, and have received zero support from the agency I work for."

Contrary to Cato's claim, the BLM actually covered-up his crimes against us and put the entire entity of BLM in legal jeopardy, the outcome of which will reverberate through the halls of the Bureau for decades to come.

There was no "standoff," of course - this is over-wrought nonsense to make himself sound like a victim.  The reason he was "involved," in the Sugar Pine Mine Incident is because he started it!  Trespassing on a Pre-1955 mining claim with Surface Rights and attempting to steal items of personal, private property that are legally conveyed, and actively trying to put our mine groups on the National Register of Historic Places.

His "zero support" claim is absolutely laughable. Quite the contrary.  BLM have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up Cato's crimes.  Naturally, they don't give two hoots about a lowly Archaeology Technician, but we have it on good authority that the BLM will commit a multitude of sins to cover up a single lesser indiscretion...because that's just how they roll.  They're not overly-endowed in the smarts department.

It should be noted that this is the same man who referred to his USFS co-workers on the Gila National Forest as -

 " enviro Nazi dikes."

#2 - SovCit Fucktards

The following post would have made us roll with laughter if it had not been touch-and-go for our caretaker who was investigated by the Josephine County District Attorney.  Cato made a false police report to BLM Law Enforcement, claiming that he had been -

"...held up at gunpoint by these sovcit fucktards."  

Firstly, we don't ascribe to the Sovereign Citizen philosophy.   It's a great way to make one's life more difficult.  And further, it is idiotic.  Not sure where he gets that from, except, he labels everybody who doesn't agree with him a "SovCit," a "Nazi," a "fucktard"  or a "douchebag."  And for the record, we're none of those things, nor are we "anti-government" either. Quite the contrary!  We've spent that last 3 1/2 years begging BLM to do their job and follow their own regulations.

Further, we're actually Federalists more than anything else - the Federal Government is where our Granted Right to mine comes from.  Why would we be anti-Government? We're not.  This is a silly fallacy shoved down the throats of the public by people with an agenda, like Cato.

Note his signature line too -

"The authors of the Constitution did not have the Constitutional authority to write the Constitution, therefore the Constitution is unconstitutional. And I can do what I want."

And he does. That's exactly what this guy thinks.  He's not joking either.  Sounds like he's a little bit anti-government to me.

Cato spends much of his time online attacking the Bundys, laughing at the death of LaVoy Finicum, and ridiculing his widow and children, saying things about them that I will not repeat.  There are other online accounts that we believe he takes part in - but we can't prove that as yet - where the disgraceful rhetoric is to such a degree that he could justifiably be called an "anti-government extremist," or "seditionist," terms he and his federal co-workers and traitors love to use so liberally.  We may also be talking Hatch Act violations.  The investigation continues.

Sadly for Cato, the fact that he is identifiable as a federal employee and says so explicitly, even mentioning the agency by name, is contrary to the DOI and BLM Social Media Policy, and may lead to disciplinary action.

"...the BLM hasn't done shit to stand behind me. In fact they completely covered up the event and denied it happened to the media." 

This is so ridiculous.  They completely covered-up his crimes in order to save the agency embarrassment and attempted to subvert their liability -  they figured we're just a bunch of ill-educated, blue-collar, non-college educated, redneck douche-bag miners that would never be capable of piecing together their conspiracy against us.  Oops!

"I love my job and I'm proud to serve, but I have learned as a BLM employee, no one has your six."

I would sincerely doubt he is proud to serve.  This dangerous liar serves no one and nothing but his own sociopathic id.  He does love his job, though - destroying lives, attempting to steal property, filing false police reports, smear campaigns, reckless endangerment, defamation, libel, etc. He's so happy in his work!

#3 - Fuck You

This charming little exchange was between "Cato" and another Fog Bow member.  Obviously triggered by the board member's audacity of not fawning over him, he resorts to expletives, like this little gem -

"I edited it to put FUCK YOU at the end."

For which he promptly received chastisement from a forum moderator -

He only made a handful of posts after this exchange, then retired Cato, the anti-social sociopath internet troll.  (He does, however, have others.)  Fog Bow dislikes in-fighting on the board - they need all their vemon and vitriol for their political opposition, like people completely innocent of any wrong-doing that they conspire against to have SWAT-Teamed and incarcerated.

The moderator made the following statement -


Not sure that polluting is the right word.  How does one pollute a fetid cesspool, overflowing with wretched people who use it to spread hate and discontent?

At this point, after everything we have witnessed happening online and in the media, some tough questions need to be asked  -

Has this behavior been fostered and encouraged by the Department of the Interior / Bureau of Land Management?

Is this a regional Troll Tag-Team, or does its reach stretch across the country?

Do these local Archaeo-Nazis liaise with the BLM Trolls from Nevada, the ones who suggested there was a SWAT Team on its way to raid the Bundy Ranch? (This was the very reason Cliven Bundy put out a call for Patriots to come to his aid in the first place - essentially entrapping him into the stand-off.)

Are the New Mexico gang of BLM Thuggees liaising with the Oregon Stamp Mill Collectors?

(As an aside, several BLM Medford employees worked in the New Mexico / Arizona regions before being shipped off to darkest Oregon, including Cato.)

These are not unfair questions and they deserve an answer.  Surely one of the feds crawling all over this blog right now know the answers.  Yeah, I know - won't hold my breath.  But it doesn't matter - I already know the answer to all those questions.

This display by Cato, the Medford District AML Unit Monarch is just a minute example of his behavior.  The outrageous, dangerous and vicious lies he told about us to the world are under wraps for the moment and being kept for another purpose.  All will be revealed in due course.

In the meantime, lest we get Waco'd or Ruby Ridged, all of us at the Sugar Pine Mine would like to affirm that we are all of painfully-sound mind, and in rude health.  None of us would ever take our own life, nor commit an act of violence against any human being.  We are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who have been mercilessly attacked in several different ways by a rogue, seditious agency that does not work for this government, nor the people of this country.

All screenshots are posts from compromised libtard activist shithole, TheFogBow forum.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Oregon State Agency Implicated in Sugar Pine Mine Conspiracy

The following document is yet another piece of evidence that Medford District Bureau of Land Management and their Abandoned Mine Land Unit was colluding with the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office to shut down the Sugar Pine Mine, seize our Stamp Mill and place the mine on the National Register of Historic Places.

The redactions on the email were done by us – not to protect the guilty, but to protect ourselves. We've been threatened with arrest and "criminal actions" by BLM Law Enforcement in case a PUBLIC SERVANT had "to change phone numbers." Not sure what the charges would be - I'm sure they'd think of something.  Every single word on this website is scrutinized by their little spies (like Mrs. Smelly, as we affectionately call her,) in the hope of finding us saying something that could be construed as a threat. The main driving force behind this is probably the fact they think the person running this blog is the main thorn in their side.

Click on the image below to enlarge.

To let you understand why what BLM and SHPO are doing is theft, consider this - there are many things on the Sugar Pine Mine Group (and the other mine group involved also,) that are conveyed, not just the Stamp Mill.  These include remnants of old cabins, arrastres, old structures, ditches, old water transfer facilities, water wheels, plus others items that were installed or created by earlier owners of the mine.  All of these items - including the tailing piles and the actual mine workings - are all legally conveyed.  

They are all described in old conveyances and other legal instruments.  Regardless of the surface management status BLM cannot lay any claim whatsoever to any of these things.  They are items of private, personal property.  They do not, and have never belonged to the Federal Government, the State of Oregon, or to the Public.  This is the same as you having an old Model-T Ford parked in your back yard that belonged to your Great Grand Pappy.  Along comes the local Classic Car Club claiming it's theirs now, just because they want it.  The mere fact something may be old and rusty, does not alter the fact that it remains protected property.  

While we appreciate that our personal property on the mine may be interesting and historic to some people, that does not give them the right to try to take it.  The saddest thing is that if they had come to us and expressed their interest in the items (not part of the actual mine workings,) we would have given every one of them to BLM.  All they had to do was behave like human beings with a modicum of respect. Instead, they acted like sociopathic thugs and triggered an incident that made international news, and attempted to deprive us of our private, personal property, leaving us no choice but to have a group of folks protect our belongings - all of whom we are still very grateful to.

This email exchange, between an AML Unit District Archaeologist (who, coincidentally, used to work for California SHPO,) and a horrible little man who colludes with enviros, who also has a grudge against one of the Sugar Pine Miners, shows them deliberately shutting down their line of communication with Oregon SHPO in order to subvert any info being gleaned via FOIAs.

Why would anybody need to brief SHPO on anything regarding the Sugar Pine Mine, unless they were already in it up to their necks?  Because SHPO are fully complicit in the attempted theft of the Stamp Mill and the mine.  SHPO are the agency who contracts and funds the investigations and Monitoring Projects on items, places, buildings, etc.  Further, we FOIAd information just on our two mine groups and SHPO tried to charge us $2,500 for it.  We appealed their price and they upped it to $2,800.  We had a third party FOIA the whole of Galice, section-by-section, and they quoted a price that was considerably less. 

Busted!  Again.

We are also aware that the ultimate plan of BLM and SHPO was to make the Sugar Pine Group and the Black Jack Group "interpretive sites" with the Stamp Mill as the focal point, due to its rarity, as well as an "archaeological site." This is well established in the FOIA responses that have been studied extensively.

Empolyees of both BLM and SHPO will have an opportunity to explain their legal theories in the very near future.

In closing, just a reminder of the long-standing plan of BLM and SHPO to steal our Stamp Mill and shut down the mine to place it on the National Register of Historic Places - straight from the horses mouth...or other orifice.  

This is a video, shot in 2013 at the Inter-Agency office in Grants Pass.  It was a presentation by the BLM Medford District AML Unit about so-called Abandoned Mines and Cultural Resources in Southern Oregon, entitled Holes in the Hills.  The presenter, who shall remain nameless, lest BLM try to arrest us for Reckless Endangerment, tells the audience how this Stamp Mill is one of his favorites, and that they plan pacing this mine on the National Register of Historic Places.  When challenged by an audience member, who tells him it doesn't belong to them, he informs the impudent member of the public that they have "laws" and "the Judicial System" to smack you down with, should you protest.

Transcript begins at 9:26 ends 17:14  




[ Transcription ends at 17:47 ]

BLM Archaeologist : I'll come back to this plurality of names in just a second, but in terms of 'feature cannibalism' this particular stamp mill is one of my favorites that we've found, and it shows you the ingenuity of mining, and miners, and basically shows you all of these principals we've talked about. You've got a stamp mill that we have historical documentation that this exact stamp mill was set up and in use by 1925. But it was not set up here, at this spot. I know that because the tie-down bolts on the mortar block here – the mortar block is new concrete – and somebody stuck rebar in there to hold it up, 'cause it's pretty crazy, rather than actual tie rods.

George Backes : [whispered] Sugar Pine Mine.

BLM Archaeologist : We don't know exactly where this was set up originally, I have a feeling that behind this where somebody had taken a D8 Cat and they've made a nice area for them to come up and be able to load their ore in the mill, that probably was where the stamp mill was set at. We know its been moved, but it is a 1925 stamp mill. Obviously, this Toyota pick-up truck is not 1925. This is actually the motor that was driving the bull wheel on the stamp mill – it's a 1971, uh, or not a Toyota – it's a Datsun. 1971 Datsun truck that somebody had set up to run this thing. You've got a 1976 bed of a Toyota pick-up that actually is their ore chute that allows them to drop ore in there. There's the bed of a Ford pick-up that off the picture. The Ford pick-up was the ore bin, and you've got a lot of old timbers and different things that indicate that they've reused things that they've found on-site. That's typical of what you're gonna find at a mine here. The lady in the back of the room.

Lady in Back of the Room : [inaudible]

George Backes : Two-stamp?

Kerby Jackson : It's five.

George Backes : Two stamp. That mill is a two-stamp. Wanna bet money?

Kerby Jackson : I have photos of it at home.

George Backes : Wanna bet? It's a two-stamp. Looked at it a dozen times.

Woman in Back of the Room : [inaudible] … I don't know if it's a congress, or Presidential Executive Order... [inaudible] ...It's a National Historical Preservation Act... [inaudible] which established [inaudible]

George Backes : [inaudible] ...little Datsun motor and a transmission, still had the front end of the Datsun pick-up on the front of it. The two-stamp – one of the stamps is busted. [inaudible]

Kerby Jackson : I do remember that.

Woman in Back of the Room : [inaudible] identified as archaeological sites – I guess what I'm trying to figure out [inaudible] ...I don't get the connection why they're even going through this process, whoever they are.

BLM Archaeologist : Sure, that's a – let me clarify that – that's my fault; I didn't make it clear enough for you. Everything we're going to is not an archaeological site. That's something to keep [inaudible]. We're talking about archaeological sites. The stuff I'm showing you [inaudible]. But some of these, like the, the, the shot earlier with the Environmental Impact, the trailer and two cars – that is not an archaeological site, it's – that's a mine. And it's, it's, it's a dump. Uh, and so it doesn't fit the definition. There is a definition given, uh, for what an archaeological site is by the State Historic Preservation Office. Uh, uh, and their definitions in the Historic Preservation Act what constitutes a historical site, which we were mentioning. All this stuff's online. I encourage you to read it. It doesn't take long to read through.

Woman in the Back of the Room : Will they give a definition of why they're [inaudible] ...archaeological site. Uh, there's a reason for this, right?

BLM Archaeologist : Yes, and if you read the National Historic Preservation Act it will explain the whole purpose of it. And it's not just the NHPA – there's, uh, uh – oh, trying to think what it was – the 1906 Antiquities – the 1906 Antiquities Protection Act. Uh, there's a whole body of law that goes through and talks about things that are important for cultural heritage – our history – and why they should be preserved. And so, uh, you know I'm not gonna take – we're running out of time – I'm not gonna take time to describe these laws now. You can see them for yourself – every single one of them is online. Uh, if you go to the National Parks Service, uh, just look up “archaeology laws,” uh, National Parks Service. They've actually got a really nice website with links to all the original legislation in PDF format. Go and download it and read it through.

2nd BLM Archaeologist : One more thing – I suggest you go to the State Historic Preservation Office website. They have a lot of good things on there.

BLM Archaeologist : Yeah; Oregon SHPO. S – H – P – O. Yes, sir?

Man in Audience : Yeah, you forgot to list the outhouse that's on that site.

BLM Archaeologist : [laughs] Yeah, that's right. I did. I think I did mention, yeah – two support buildings [inaudible] Yes, sir?

Kerby Jackson : In the case of this one – is this going to be an “Archaeological Site?”

BLM Archaeologist : It is, yes. Because it is, it's, it has, on this particular mine...

Kerby Jackson : It does definitely have history.

BLM Archaeologist : Located in 1900. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Kerby Jackson : It was actually located before 1900. That's actually the oldest listed lode mine in this district. And I also know that the claim that's current actually has an unbroken Chain of Title, since 1860.

BLM Archaeologist : [inaudible]. I'm talking to the assessment miner.

Kerby Jackson : You've actually talked to the miner?

BLM Archaeologist : Not the guy who has the claim. I've talked to his assessment miner who had come down from the [inaudible].

Kerby Jackson : Needless to say where there's, in that situation, uh, will that stop mining on that claim?

BLM Archaeologist : No. We can't emphasize enough what we're doing is not going to stop people from mining, so, you know, we're looking at it strictly from the standpoint of doing, uh, what's called the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act. Uh, BLM's got a project where they're looking to, uh, uh, identify any abandoned mines, and if they are abandoned and there's a [inaudible] ...definition for that, which 2nd BLM Archaeologist mentioned, uh, and the hazards, like you've got a vertical shaft, you know, hundreds of feet deep and there's nobody working it, there's no claims on it, uh, BLM is identifying those and determining, or if that needs to be closed. According to national laws, BLM cannot do that – close that up – without going through a process and things, such as determining, is this of historical significance, and is closing this mine going to to have a detrimental effect on the historical significance of this site?

Kerby Jackson : Right.

BLM Archaeologist : That's what we're doing. Yeah. What we're doing's not gonna stop anybody from mining.

Kerby Jackson : I, I, I guess my biggest question is – do you have the realization with this particular claim in question – I know which one; I've been by it several times – uh, there is an unbroken Chain of Title that goes back before the mill was even there?

BLM Archaeologist : Yes.

Kerby Jackson : So, that mill, through an unbroken Chain of Title – it belongs to the claim owner. Have you considered that?

BLM Archaeologist : It's – yeah – I've thought about it. But you're getting into an area of legal issues, you know, you...

Kerby Jackson : I, I, I guess my question is, is where you want it listed as an archaeological site and obviously a lot of that has to do with basically how intact that mill is – and I think it's about 75% – besides the fact is has been revamped. You know, there's really nothing stopping the miner from using that mill. It's his property. I guess my question is – how does what you guys do affect that?

BLM Archaeologist : Uh, it's a good question. Is, uh, you know, I can't answer it for you. It's, it's, it's gonna turn on legal interpretations and, you know, as 2nd BLM Archaeologist is always fond of pointing out to me, I read something legally, and I say – well, this say this, and he says, well, let me call my lawyer friend and see what they say, and they have something totally different that they say, and you know, it's just a good reminder for me that, yeah, it's something that, that, congress and lawyers and other people are gonna have to figure out. I can't determine that.

Kerby Jackson : OK

BLM Archaeologist : That's – you're pointing out a really good issue, though, and it's, it's, they're, I believe, that you've got a very interesting gray area where you can get archaeology laws and mining laws and you know, uh, you get environmental protection laws – you get all these things that are laws that we and congress, as a country have, the people that we've elected passed them, and it seems like there's some conflicts and that's why you've got the Judicial System.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

PROOF - Conspiracy to Steal Sugar Pine Mine Antique Stamp Mill

The following documentation debunks the BLM's entire narrative that they had no idea there was a mine at Sugar Pine Mine, and that two BLM employees just happened to stumble across it, by chance, one day.  What a crock of Jim Bull that is!  Naturally, we have an abundance of evidence against the Bureau of Land Management and won't be releasing all of it on the blog - a lot of it is being kept for other purposes.

Former Public Affairs Officer, Jim Whittington, (who just founded his own private company after 17 years with various bad land management agencies like USFS, NPS, as well as the BLM,) claimed that that Medford District BLM had no idea the Sugar Pine Mine was there.  He also said, contradicting himself in consecutive sentences -

"There's a fairly big footprint to it. There is no plan of operation that would cover the level of work they are doing there. For something as intense are we're seeing out there, they're going to need a plan of operation."

Not only is that statement ridiculous and outrageous, it is simply a lie.  Further, having Surface Rights, the Sugar Pine Mine is not required to file any type of plan or notice with the Bureau of Land Management, because they do not control the surface.  The Sugar Pine Mine is not on Public Land either, as defined by FLPMA (Federal Land Policy and Management Act.)  The quote below is from the BLM's own website, from - BLM Policy Manual 2804 - Applying for FLPMA Grants.

[Click on images to enlarge]

Even the State Geologist for BLM advised Medford District to proceed with caution, stating in an email dated 22nd January, 2015 -

"Because of the rarity and intricacy of these type of claims, it would be strongly advisable to proceed in any action with Solicitor consultation."

Later, some of the correspondence with the State Geologist and other BLM employees seemed a little terse and overly critical of everything he wrote.  We found that out of everybody involved in the case - and we're talking people from across the entirety of BLM National - he was the only one to do decent research.  BLM just didn't like what he found -  nothing to support issuance of noncompliance orders.  Nothing to support their erroneous decree that the Sugar Pine Mine Surface Rights had been severed.

BLM Oregon's own Solicitor - the one who wrote the argument for the case with his gazillion helpers - admitted to not reading the Surface Resources Act of 1955.  Was this statement made publicly (knowing it would be subject to FOIA) in an attempt to indemnify himself?  Did he see the writing on the wall?

The Surface Resources Act of 1955 is the legislation that BLM conned congress into passing, claiming its purpose was to make it easier to eject non-mining, trespassing occupiers off the claims.  Instead, they used the act to pick off nearly every pre-1955 mining claim in existence, from legitimate miners, in order to void their claims and re-take control of the surface.  What they are attempting to do at the Sugar Pine Mine is just another installment of the BLM's ongoing, perpetual land grab.

BLM do not have any management authority over the Sugar Pine Mine.  The only function they are authorized to perform is to ensure that there is mining incident activity taking place on the claim, and that the claim is not being occupied by people who are not mining, or not performing mining incident tasks [Federal Register Volume 61, No. 137, Tuesday, July 16, 1996, Page 37118 - Section 3715.0-3.] 

These are the two provisions we supposedly violated - 43 CFR 3715 (Occupancy) and 43 CFR 3809 (UUD.)   Both clearly describe the scope of the regulation as applied to Public Lands, as defined, again, in FLPMA.  Their own Rights of Way Guide clearly describes a Pre-1955 claim as being something other than Public Lands.

Even the United States Forest Service recognizes the difference between Pre-55 claims with Surface Rights and Post-55 claims that lack such rights, plainly pointing out the extent of a Pre-55 claim holder's rights in Section 2813.13 of their Forest Service Manual 2800.

By contrast, FSM 2813.13b points out that Post-55 claims do not have an "exclusive right to the surface", adding that such claims: "are subject to the rights of the United States to manage and dispose of the vegetative resources, to manage other resources except locatable minerals, and to the right of the United States, its permittees and licensees, to use so much of the surface area necessary for such purposes and for access to adjacent lands." 
The following documents prove that Medford BLM did indeed know there was a mine there, and that their AML Unit (Abandoned Mine Lands,) were coveting not only the Stamp Mill, but the mines themselves. 

The documents below are SHPO Forms.  They are used to record site data when the State Historic Preservation Office is interested in a particular place, building, area, or item, for inclusion in the NRHP, the National Register of Historic Places.  

How did they manage to survey and record mine groups in 2010 that they claimed the didn't know existed in 2015?  Did somebody lie?  BLM lied Lied to the American public whom they are supposed to serve? 

Also, you may recall, THIS POST - a video starring one of the two Stamp Mill fetishists admitting that it is one of his "favorite" Cultural Resources, and if somebody owns it, well, they have "environmental protection laws," "Congress," and the "Judicial System" to bludgeon you with, should you not want to hand over your personal belongings to them.

The redactions on the documents are all by BLM - we've obscured nothing.  The so-called "Cultural Resources" on any document from BLM or the other land-grab management agencies are always redacted to "protect" them. 

These are the actual PDFs sent to us as FOIA responses and we have not altered them in any way.  

Click here to read the documents from Lyin' BLM

Click here to read documents from the Lyin' Liars at BLM!

Bear in mind that there is no legislation whatsoever - not ARPA, (The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979,) and not even SMCRA (The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977,) - that would allow them to take a working mine from the owners, nor steal legally-conveyed items of private property.

30 U.S. Code § 1234 - Eligible lands and water, (a sub-section of the Abandoned Mine Reclamation code) defines what is deemed an abandoned mine and what is eligible for reclamation.  The Sugar Pine Mine and Black Jack Group are not abandoned mines and never have been.  They are not eligible as abandoned mines under US Federal Code, as you can see.

Also, SMCRA, legislation that was crafted specifically for the OSM (Office of Surface Mining,) was designed specifically for Legacy Coal Mine reclamation and clean-up of sites contaminated by surface mining of coal.  The OSM has now been absorbed by the BLM.

During the whole Sugar Pine Mine Incident (as BLM likes to call it,) the media focus was on the Oath Keepers, militia, insurgents, anti-government domestic terrorists, and so on.  Not one of them cared what the real story was - they were just waiting for somebody to start bleeding.  (They must have been overjoyed at the state-sponsored murder of LaVoy Finicum.)   The real story never really got out through the press.  Problem is, most of these reporters are not journalists, they are activists.  Therein lies the problem.  And in our experience, non-profit news orgs are fully controlled by the narrative their funders want to push.  Bad News. Fake News.

Unfortunately, even people who supported us against the BLM couldn't get the story straight. Even Jerome Corsi didn't get it quite right!  Ironically, the one and only group of people who understood the issue were Berkeley Law (see below) - who, despite being ultra-Liberal, agree that we may have a sound legal case.  (We do.  Water-tight, by the way.)  But even they had a few details wrong.

We no longer entertain media inquiries.  What's the point?  There was even one anti-government / Sov-Cit-researcher, who fancies themselves as the premier expert in the field, who actually told Mr. Whittington that he was in physical danger from us. We were shocked by this.  Dismayed, even.  Thankfully, Mr. Whittington seemed to know who they were, saw the agenda, and appeared to dismiss them.  And we know exactly what they were trying to do.  It's a wonder we're all still alive.  This is an evil, damaged person filled with hate - someone, we believe, is fully compromised, and therefore, a puppet on a sting. What a horrible life.

Some people don't understand why the Oath Keepers were on the mine. The reason is simple - co-owner, Rick Barclay, asked the Oath Keepers to launch a security operation because BLM and other federal agencies have a long history in this region of burning down cabins and stealing equipment.  Plus, it was something he experienced personally, several years ago, at the hands of the U.S. Forest Service. They even murdered his partner's cat - by arson - when they burned down his cabin. But they didn't get 5-year prison sentences for Arsenal Terrorism, nor Animal Abuse.  Of course not.

BLM's history of arson and destruction is just plain fact - regardless of what they claim.

This is the arson of the late James Edgar's bunkhouse by USFS near Cottage Grove, Oregon in June, 2009. 

Federal Judge Ann Aiken remarked that- 

"Schmidt and the Forest Service had no authority to impound and assert government ownership over plaintiff's mining structures for the purpose of destroying them."

There are also other things, very grave things that we cannot divulge right now, but that will come out soon - these will show the Security Operation on the mine was entirely justified and necessary.

For the record, we have significant evidence in many safe places, just in case somebody, somewhere, decides to play a game of SWAT the Miner.  There are literally thousands of pages of documents that will be released, should our Dead Man's Switch ever be engaged.  And not just about our own case, either.  This is not over-dramatization.  Remember LaVoy?  We do.

The story of what happened before the noncompliance notices were issued has never really been discussed at all, and only touched upon even by us, so, below is a summary of what started the whole mess.  

Two BLM Archaeologists with a long history of trespassing on the mine (we subsequently found out,) appeared at Sugar Pine on 14th January, 2015.  Contrary to the official story, they were not just coincidentally in the area - their purpose was to carry out their annual Monitoring Project for SHPO, the State Historic Preservation Office.  Having an actual Monitoring Project in place means that they are more than likely being funded by SHPO, since these are carried out at the behest of the agency.  They were not in uniform.  They did not identify themselves, even although they knew there was somebody on-site - they could hear the caretaker's generator. 

The two Archaeologists were riding around the claims on ATVs - which were not government property.  We believe that they were not on duty, because they knew they should not be there, and knew they were trespassing, because they knew the claim was Pre-1955.  We also have evidence of that too - from their own files on the mine...that they didn't know was there.

The mine's caretaker was mercilessly harassed and threatened with a "Grand Jury" and "the D.A., by a BLM Special Agent, probably because the Archaeologists had made a police report that they were "held at gun-point" - something one of them has also stated in public, although he made no reference to such an incident in his report of the day's events, which we have published previously. 

The caretaker was not aware of who they were - he assumed that they were vandals or thieves - something the mine is not unfamiliar with. They were also acting suspiciously, like they were trying to avoid him even although they knew he was there.  They were messing with equipment, taking photographs.  There has been equipment stolen or damaged at the mine on more than one occasion, and the caretaker had all his equipment stolen from his own nearby mine - the reason he was caretaker on the Sugar Pine in the first place.  Every piece of equipment he used to make a living with, rendering him unable to work, and, at that time, unable to replace it.  He promptly called George, the co-owner of the mine who asked him to block the road with his vehicle and try to find out who they were. So, he did.  

At no time did he brandish a weapon at them.  He had a side arm, unloaded, in his hand, which is perfectly reasonable, considering their suspicious behavior.  He didn't even raise his voice, just asked them who they were.  In fact, the caretaker was barefoot in his jammies.  The true instigator of the problems was a 50 year old Archaeology Technician, who has an obsession with the Sugar Pine Stamp Mill, a fixation on a previous owner, and who mocked the caretaker, making snide comments like what do you think this is, 1872?  The  Archaeology underling's authority had been challenged and there was no way he was letting this upstart get away with his insolence.  This is his property.  His mine. His Stamp Mill.

Soon after, a letter was sent to BLM, stating that the mine was Pre-55, as they were well aware, and that any attempt to shut down the mine would be met with prompt legal action.  The BLM raced to slap noncompliance notices on the mine in an attempt to subvert the owners' Fourth Amendment Right to Due Process (which they did, by the very nature of Administrative Law,) and to tie them up in the Department of the Interior's own court, the Interior Board of Land Appeals.  As of this date we are still waiting for a decision - three years later.

What they had done - the trespassing, the attempt to take an item of private property and give it to another agency, with whom they colluded and conspired, place it on the NRHP, essentially stealing it from the owners, shutting down the mine, was so bad they had to cover it up.  And so was born a massive effort to do just that - cover up what the Raiders of the Stamp Mill had done.  This was a horrible mistake on their part.  The abuses and crimes committed against the owners just snowballed to ridiculous proportions.  They altered documents, they forged signatures, they told lies, the launched smear campaigns against one of the researchers, they spread vicious, dangerous lies online, lies that could have cost the mine owners their lives.  This is not drama or hyperbole.    It should be noted, also, that the one item missing from the inventory of items on the noncompliance notices to be removed from the mine was the Stamp Mill - they demanded the destruction or removal of every other piece of personal property - except that.

And this is just the beginning. 

Medford District BLM is the biggest BLM office in the country, a veritable monster with over 300 staff, both part and full-time.  This long history of abject abuse of the people, west-coast-wide, by BLM has to end.  None of them are ever held accountable for their actions and they act with impunity, safe in the knowledge that absolutely nothing will happen to bring them to task, as the only overseeing body is the Office of the Inspector General, which only cares if a federal employee is causing government waste, which means stealing from them.  They have no interest in punishing those who steal from us.  The time is ripe for this to change.

I can tell you right now, the two Archaeologist who instigated the actions against the Sugar Pine Mine (and who we believe made false police reports about being held hostage at gun-point to BLM Law Enforcement,) are still meddling with other mining claims. We've even heard the two of them have been barred by BLM's Grants Pass Resource Area from entering claims.  Predictably, they are ignoring even their superiors and still doing whatever the hell they want.  Because that's just what sociopaths do.

I know, from the AML Unit's own records and research that, they are also trespassing on private, patented ground also, and trying to steal other Cultural Resources, as they call them.  To us, they are our belongings. They are items of private personal property, like the Black Jack Stamp Mill they've been coveting for years.  But they don't care. Because they're the government. And who is going to stop them, these monarchs of the Fed?

Actually, we are.  And we're hoping that the Judicial System that one of them raved about helping him in his larcenous cause, will do the right thing and end this abuse.  We have high hopes that the system can still work.

Our meme below features the online persona of the instigator of the Sugar Pine Mine Incident (who has the bare-faced gall to accuse our Legal Researcher of that very thing.)  He used this alter online, concealed who he was and who he worked for, and proceeded to make up the most ridiculous lies, in an attempt to connect us to the Bundy Family, to whom we have absolutely no connection whatsoever, neither socially, philosophically, or politically.

We are essentially Federalists - miners rights are Granted Rights from the Congress of the United States, which makes the whole anti-government schtick laughable.  BLM are the ones who are anti-government - they do not work for the people, nor this country. 

I won't bother linking to the forum mentioned in the meme - just search for the name and you'll see just who and what these people are.  In my opinion, fully compromised puppets.  And Cato isn't the only federal employee with an ID there.

In closing, just to give you an idea of they type of person we're dealing with here, the post below is the same Archaeologist on another forum, under a different ID; ElMinero67 - that's Spanish for The Miner.  Very telling, no?  We're very disappointed to see this sort of intolerance and hate speech from a federal employee.  This is how ElMinero67 feels about his female federal co-workers...

Stay tuned!  LOTS more to come!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

PROOF - BLM Lied About Sugar Pine Mine Related Threats to Federal Employees

It made us so sad to discover that BLM could, indeed, sink even lower than we thought possible. Although I know the disgraceful lies the Bureau of Land Management Medford District former PAO told the public, the fact that they would lie about threats to federal employees they claimed were related to the Sugar Pine Mine goes beyond agency propaganda.  This is despicable.  This is outrageous.  The BLM are nothing if not dirty fighters.  

This is an utter lie.  And I won't give this trash traffic by linking to it.  Or this other piece of garbage from George Soros and Ford Foundation funded operatives, Political Research Associates...

Want to know what that was all about?  The BLM staffer who was "followed home?"  The guy in Threat No. 1 (below,) asked his neighbor if she needed any help carrying her groceries.  I kid you not.  Unfortunately, she was the wife of the silliest, most paranoid little man who ever worked for BLM.  

Perhaps these people who work for BLM are so deathly afraid of everyone, anyone, and anything, is because they know what they did.  Of course, it doesn't help matters when BLM draft in a Field Manager from another office (one with a personal grudge against one of the miners, from way back) to spearhead the campaign against the Sugar Pine Mine.  He spent months terrorizing his own staff, making them afraid of their own shadow, and had them believing everybody in the woods wants to harm them.  There were even members of staff who refused to turn up for meetings they were so scared.  This is what BLM will do to win - anything.

For the entire Financial Year of 2015 there were a total of 28 so-called “threats” against Bureau of Land Management employees – ACROSS THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Only four of them took place in Oregon, I can tell you exactly what each incident was about – and none of them involved an actual threat to a BLM employee. They consider challenging their authority to be a threat. This was a lie told solely to smear the owners of the Sugar Pine Mine, and turn public opinion against them.

BLM's besties – SJWs and radical environmental groups, ran with the agreed narrative and Talking Points, and began a very vocal, public smear campaign against the miners and their supporters.  (We'll be seeing these folks in federal court in the future.)

Those local enviro flakes and nuts even teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the biggest Hate Group in the world, in my opinion, and the Center for Biological Diversity – puppets of a vile Swiss billionaire who committed sick, violent sexual acts on an employee, and whose corporation carried out illegal medical experiments that killed Americans. You would not even believe some of the things we have had to endure – all directly related to the lies BLM told the public.

The image below is the complete list of “threats” the Bureau of Land Management received in 2015, then an annotated version is below it.

This was a letter sent to a Mineral Leasing Specialist in Washington D.C., who the writer was familiar with, about his own mining claims. She had a conniption-fit when she read what his occupation was. He takes care of cleaning up accident scenes. She immediately informed somebody at BLM OR/WA and inquired about taking “action” against him as she construed this as a threat.

This was a completely unrelated incident. A resident in the Applegate Valley expressed his chagrin about to a BLM Survey Crew who were trespassing on his private property.

A team of BLM contractors monitoring the activities of the Northern Spotted Owl were trespassing on a patented property in Galice while searching for the moldy old winged rat. They were confronted by the owner who told them his land was patented, that they were trespassing and he would like them to go.  They told him they can trespass on his property if they want - they were way beyond any easement. He fired one shot in the air to persuade them to leave.

The Sugar Pine Mine caretaker was startled by two men tearing around the claim on ATVs, interfering with items and equipment. They had not identified themselves. They were not in uniform or in any way identifiable as agency.

The caretaker called George, co-owner of the mine, who asked him to block the road with his car and find out who they were. He did. They finally told him they were BLM Archaeologists, which made him relax and even apologize for blocking the road. Then one of the pair - a sociopath with a fetish for miniature models of narrow gauge railroads and Stamp Mills, just couldn't let it lie and began ranting about 1872. It doesn't take much to trigger him, apparently.

Soon after, BLM Law Enforcement began to mercilessly harass and threaten the caretaker with a “grand jury” and “the D.A.,” if he didn't dish the dirt about what was going on at the Sugar Pine Mine.  Bear in mind, all this was three months before the Oath Keepers moved on to the mine to secure the property and personal belongings.

We now have reason to believe that the Archaeologists from the Abandoned Mine Lands Unit (who apparently need to look up the definition of abandoned,) made false police reports about being held at gun-point, something one of them has repeated several times on internet forums. It should be noted that a report by one of them regarding the site visit that day – which was actually to carry out their Monitoring Project on the Stamp Mill, a conveyed item of personal property – omitted any details about being held hostage or having a gun pointed at him, which you would think might stick in his mind...if it happened. Which it didn't.

This is the toy train guy's report on his visit to the mine that day.  (The only reason I redacted the names is because BLM will accuse me of endangering the evil Stamp Mill-stealing wretches.)

Watch the video below to hear the caretaker describe his persecution at the hands of BLM Law Enforcement.

After the miners complained about the Indiana Jones wannabees-but-never-weres trespassing on a Pre-1955 mine with Surface Rights, and informed BLM they would file suit against them in federal court, all of a sudden Law Enforcement were all over the caretaker with their threats and even attempted to have him prosecuted (which the District Attorney thankfully declined to do,) and two noncompliance notices were immediately issued for the mine.  Did the DA investigate the allegations and find them to be false?  Did he discover the full extent of the BLM cover-up about what they were trying to do to the Sugar Pine Mine?

It should be noted, strangely enough, the harassment of the caretaker didn't begin until around a month after the trespassing AML Unit had their little hissy fit.  A letter asking for BLM's proof of surface severance was sent, (the one which included notice that they would be sued if they tried to take the mine,) and we started to send FOIA requests, which were sent in an attempt to obtain documents that would prove they had the surface.  There were none.  They did not sever the surface of the mine - and they knew it.  Regardless, the continued with their assault against the mine.  They were repeatedly asked for proof - we had no desire to go into IBLA or federal court to find they had proof of surface severance.  Of course, BLM thought we were looking for documents to prove our case because we're just dumb miners, uneducated rednecks, and illiterate oiks, when, in fact, we were looking for evidence that would prove theirs.  Our goal was always to find the truth, and walk away if we were wrong.  We were not wrong.  We were right.  And we have proven that.  

Months later BLM were still looking for documents to disprove our position.  They have not found any to this day.  There is absolutely no documentation to support their claim of taking the surface.  Their own court - the Interior Board of Land Appeals - suggested during the legal arguments that BLM provide the court with some documented proof of their claim of surface severance.  Their response?  They challenged their own court's jurisdiction!  This is especially ironic, after they told the world that IBLA was the right place for this case to be heard.  Of course, that's not true.  They knew they were going to be sued in federal court and used their noncompliance notices to subvert that, tying us up for years in their own internal system.

BLM have repeatedly lied in order to turn supporters and the general public against the miners. Unfortunately, many people are more than willing to gulp down that agency Cool-Aid and babble nonsense about Public Land, something they have no understanding of. BLM will stop at nothing to impose their will, even to the extent of ignoring their own regulations and Federal Laws. They will even lower themselves to spread lies and launch smear campaigns against members of the public, just because they didn't get their way.  If that doesn't work, they'll tie you up in their Fourth Amendment-subverting Administrative Court - where we still are, three and a half years later, with no decision from the IBLA.  We hope this is because the court are doing a thorough job with their decision, and that after this case, BLM will no longer carry out assaults on mines or private property. We can only hope.

Make no mistake – the Bureau of Land Management is completely out of control. It is a force of insurrectionists in this nation that will take your rights, take your belongings, burn down your home (or make you burn it down yourself,) attempt to taint your name and reputation with abject lies, send pill-addled junkie informants to steal your money, and...what else? Could there possibly be more?

Oh, yes; there's more. So much more.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

BOMBSHELL : BLM Employees Admit Sugar Pine Mine is Pre-1866 and has Surface Rights!

The following email exchange between members of the BLM Medford District's Abandoned Mine Lands Unit and Minerals Division is proof that they KNEW the Sugar Pine Mine was Pre-1955 and had intact Surface Rights. (Even although they actually have the location date wrong because they don't have the complete Chain of Title.) This is the reason they broke the Stay issued against their enforcement, granted to the miners by the IBLA court – to change the location date of the mine to bring it under a different regulatory authority.  They actually tampered with documents during a legal case!

We have redacted the email exchange of all surnames, email addresses and phone numbers, since BLM Law Enforcement tried to have us criminally charged...for posting the work numbers of PUBLIC SERVANTS.  No, really.  (This is what happens to you when you have the audacity to ask the BLM monarchy to follow their own regulations and federal law.)

The Sugar Pine Mine is the only surviving mining claim group of this age in the state – as you can see being admitted by the lying, cheating, thieving as-yet unindicted co-conspirators at BLM.

This email exchange happened in 2013, BEFORE George and Rick owned the claims. At the time, the claim was owned by the person referred to in the email chain, who is described as “immortal” by a now-former BLM employee, clearly referencing the age and surface status of the claims.  He also likens the agency to “the kragan [sic],” misspelling Kraken - a mythical vicious monster. We agree, BLM - you are vicious monsters.  But if only you too were fictitious.

The BLM Medford District Lead Geologist entitled the email "one mining claim left in the state located prior to 1866."  Well, gee willikers - it's the Sugar Pine Mine!  This was the answer to a question she asked a BLM Land Law Examiner - "how many active mining claims were located in 1866 and before?" 

The following document is the attachment sent in the email - the Live Serial Register Page which has the original location date of the claim - but again, their date is actually wrong.

Click on images to enlarge.

BLM you're busted.

And as Zeus would say, “Release the (legal) Kraken!”

NOTE : Before you freak out and man the BLM SWAT truck, Special Agent AS, this is PUBLIC INFORMATION received as a FOIA response - and no, you still can't arrest us for telling the truth about your corrupt, lying agency, sorry.  And remember, Special Agent, you're the one who refuses to investigate the crimes committed by BLM employees. That's aiding and abetting, and taking part in the conspiracy to steal private, personal, conveyed items of property.

None of the names of the public servants (ho-ho) are redacted on the document that was sent. This is the document as-is. This is information the public has a right to see.

"Krakken" Chris West Art