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The Burning Desires of BLM - Victim #1 : Punta Gorda Lighthouse

The Punta Gorda Lighthouse in Humboldt County, California, first lit the way for vessels at sea in 1912 along the desolate coastline.

The lighthouse's remoteness, tendency to become an island in the winter rains, and reputation for being the place to exile wayward Light House Service employees, became known as the Alcatraz of Lighthouses.

Village burned to the ground by BLM

Punta Gorda Lighthouse was deactivated and abandoned in 1951.

According to the Bureau of Land Management...

The light station consisted of three two-story frame dwellings, a frame fog signal house, blacksmith and carpenter shop, outbuildings, a reinforced concrete light building with iron tower and curved iron stairway, and a reinforced concrete oil and distillate storage house.  A small creek on the south side of the light station supplied the water for the station. 

The lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 5, 1976. The Fresnel lens and the flag staff pole were removed many years ago to the Maritime Museum in Eureka, California and there are no outbuildings remaining to service the Station. 

What the BLM omitted to tell you there was that they burned everything to the ground, with the exception of the lighthouse tower and the oil house.

Why? You may well ask.

Because 'hippies' dared to move into it.

A group of people moved into the long-abandoned small village and made improvements to the numerous buildings and settled there for a while. They were evicted by local authorities and BLM burned the little village down, destroying the buildings the people had worked hard on and made their homes.

Was this really necessary? Was it? It had been abandoned for nearly twenty years. People moved into it and improved it and made the place their homes when nobody else cared for it nor wanted it. It was (and is) a remote, difficult to access, sometimes inaccessible place that no one else had the slightest interest in.

And along came the BLM jack-booted fire-bugs with a big box of matches.

Burn, baby, burn.

Even although BLM claims that they have NEVER burned down anything, that it has not happened and it will not happen, it would seem to be common knowledge to all and sundry BUT the BLM.  How can so many people know that BLM burn down homes and properties on a regular basis and the BLM are still publicly denying they do any such thing?  Is there really a need for the BLM to lie about this anymore? Is it not glaringly obvious by now that this agency seems to have gone completely rogue, nearing the point of sedition and treason?  They have no regard whatsoever for the Constitution. They have no use for property rights, unless it is their own right to take what they chose, with impunity.

Take a look at these websites, blog posts and forum threads, regarding the burning, demolishing or seizure of people's homes,  properties and mining claims...

Alaska State Legislature - SB 391 - DALTON HIGHWAY TRAPLINE ACCESS Minutes

IRS and BLM Illegal Activity Exposed!

Alaska Gold Forum - Building a Trapping Cabin?

Your Web Apps Forum - Personal Experience w/BLM

Gold Rush Expeditions - Destruction of Historic Buildings in Death Canyon in the Simpson Mountain Range (fourth sub-heading) Forum - Backcountry Hassel [sic]

The list goes on and on. We suspect we've not yet even scratched the surface.  These are just a few examples illustrate the point that although none of those links constitutes hard evidence that the BLM have burned down cabins and seized property, but either they have and do, or there is a massive internet conspiracy against them in random and disparate demographics.

Still want to claim you don't burn people out, BLM?  Hmmm?

SOURCES : - The Alcatraz of Lighthouses - Punta Gorda Light
Punta Gorda Lighthouse Photograph - United States Coast Guard Photography


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