Sunday, May 10, 2015

BLM Logic Fail - Exhibit #1 - The Sugar Pine is Bigger than the McCove/Coy Mine

In our research into the endless shenanigans of the Bureau of Lawless Mobsters, we've come across some golden little nuggets. (Pardon the pun.)

This post is an example of the BLM's logic (or lack of it thereof,) and proof that they favor gigantic oil, gas and mineral extraction by international conglomerate corporations over the Mom & Pop type operations like the Sugar Pine.

Using BLM's logic, the Sugar Pine Mine with its 120 acres, 3' x 4' tunnel entrance and next-to-no surface disturbance is so utterly enormous that BLM have no plan of operations big enough to cover the humungousness of it, but the McCoy/Cove Mine in Nevada, a (then) 4018 acres of claims with an OPEN PIT is such a teensy-weensy little thing that the Environmental Impact Study found NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the Shoshone-Eureka Resource Area land it's on. The study was done for the additional 367 acres the company wanted to add to the mine in order to build 21 new ponds.

CLICK HERE to see an image of the McCoy/Cove Mine.

EDIT : The McCoy/Cove mine is now 31,000 acres and has been significantly expanded since the filing of the documents we're working from for the purpose of this blog post. (Also see disclaimer at the end of this post for more info.)

The actual quote from Jim Whittington, BLM Medford District spokesman regarding the giganticness of the Sugar Pine was published in the The Daily Courier (April 15th) and is thus -

"There's a fairly big footprint to it. There is no plan of operation that would cover the level of work they are doing there. For something as intense are we're seeing out there, they're going to need a plan of operation."

So, which is it, Mr. Whittington?  Sugar Pine needs a plan of operation, or Sugar Pine is too big for any plan of operation you have? Make up your mind. Is there any depth you won't stoop to, any story you won't make up, in order to back-track on the BLM's monumental faux pas? Take our advice - there is no way the BLM can or will talk their way out of this one with more lies and distractions. There is no lie you can tell, no diversion you can misdirect people down, that will ever make you right, because you are simply WRONG. Nothing can change that.  Nothing.  No amount of lacky so-called journalists who chase non-existent phantoms and whip the uneducated into a frenzy will ever make you right either.  The facts are the facts are the facts, and there's no getting around them.  They will not go away.

Oh, and please answer our FOIAs!  It has been 3 months now.  Are there some records missing or something? 

Mr. Whittington, you and your employers should be thoroughly ashamed of the way you have continually lied to the public throughout this whole debacle of  the BLM's making.  You are a disgrace to your agency, and you are a disgrace to the country and the government you represent. All we asked for was that you do your job, abide by the law.

And by they way, BLM, Sugar Pine doesn't need a plan of operation - WE HAVE SURFACE RIGHTS. Remember when we tried to get you all to sit down and look at our conclusive proof and your refused, several times?  Remember that?

Which part of WE CONTROL THE SURFACE AND WE HAVE PROOF do you not understand?

The BLM is lying to the public about the Sugar Pine, and Jim Whittington's quote above is the perfect illustration of that fact. Disinfo will NOT win this case.

If you'd care to take a look at it, here's the PDF of the BLM document Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) relating to the infiltration system expansion of the McCoy/Cove mine.

DISCLAIMER : The FONSI document was picked at random from this page and is in no way is a condemnation of the mining company that owns the McCoy/Cove mine, nor a judgment of their operation. It is simply a random document for illustrative purposes. For the record, the operating company, Echo Bay Minerals Company, was bought by Kinross Gold Corporation in 2003, the 7th largest gold company in the world. [Sources :

NBMG Mining District File Collection

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