Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BLM Employee Emails, Destroying Records, Lies, Withholding FOIAs

Yes, just another day at the office for BLM!  Destroying records, lying and withholding public information is all in a days work for BLM.

Today, below is a PDF of documentation regarding the BLM stonewalling of our FOIA requests and the destruction of public records.

PDF of EVIDENCE - BLM Employee Emails, affidavits, etc...

An email from a BLM archaeologist (from the Medford District office,) states his suspicion that records have been destroyed. We've always considered him one of the very few 'good guys' who work for BLM. He is passionate about his job and was willing to share information and research.

An additional email, from NARA (National Archives & Records Administration) states that they have very little records from BLM and what they have procured had been poorly managed. The email correspondence was in response to Sugar Pine Archivist, Kerby Jackson's request for records from NARA, relating to the Sugar Pine, in 2013.

In addition, affidavits have surfaced from another miner, regarding his own difficulty in gaining access to records for his mine. 

Tina Siebert, Land Law Examiner at the BLM State Office in Portland, declared to the mine owner that the records for his claim had been destroyed in the 1980s, and was given nothing.  Returning later to the same office, the miner was given a small amount of records for his claim by a clerk, without comment or problem.Tina Seibert is also the BLM employee who gave the Sugar Pine documentation to a third party without any questions, whilst we're still waiting for many of our FOIAs to be answered, three months later.

A second affidavit by the same miner documents his request for the FBI to investigate the destruction of the public records, which was met with contempt and disinterest from the agent.

It would seem that some BLM employees do their jobs, and others have a clear agenda to conceal public information. Apparently, they also lie about documents having been destroyed in order to avoid handing them over, since we know at least some paperwork remained.

BLM, this isn't getting any better for you guys, is it? Right now, you look like the most deceitful, spiteful, malicious agency this country has ever known.  And we haven't even started yet.


  1. We have your back.
    Galice Mining District, Oregon: Another Bundy Ranch type Confrontation with BLM?
    Semper Fi

  2. Thank you, Thor! You seem to have a handle on the real story that so few outlets are actually grasping. We REALLY appreciate all you guys out there trying to get the correct info out.

    The media has taken a few buzz-phrases and ran with them and the actual issue - a rogue agency, bordering on insurrection, is ignoring the laws of this country and committing crimes against the people.

    There are many so-called 'journalists' throwing around terms like 'anti-government' when they mention the Sugar Pine situation. Well, that's true - the BLM certainly ARE! We, however, are not. What is anti-government about two people asking an agency to do their job, follow federal law and abide by the constitution? Anybody who thinks that is anti-government is clearly mentally unstable and buys in to wild and ridiculous conspiracy theories regurgitated time and time again by the usual suspects. They're a joke. And a bad one at that!

    Thanks again, Thor! You guys rule!


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~ The Sugar Pine Folks.