Monday, May 4, 2015

Are BLM in Self-Destruct Mode? All Quiet on the Sugar Pine FOIA Front...But ONLY If You OWN It!

The owners of the Sugar Pine Mine have sent 14 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to BLM to procure what documentation they have on the Sugar Pine, the pre-55 gold mine in Galice, OR they are currently attempting to land grab.  So far, they've had 3 responses to the 14 requests. Most of these FOIA requests date back to February.

In fact, until the media storm began, BLM were in default over all of the FOIA requests. When a FOIA is sent, you must respond within 20 days, by law.  Needless to say, we know that we would still be waiting for any response if we had not gone public with this case.

Two of the FOIAs, so far, have not been fully complied with - the request was for certified copies of these documents and did not receive them. They were sent on CD.

The State of Oregon was also sent five FOIA requests at the same time and all have been promptly and adequately answered, as has one sent to USFS around the same time.

A dude walks into the Portland BLM office and verbally asks them for the Sugar Pine Mine records they have on file. They mail them out the next day!  Here's the video evidence!  [NOTE : Interestingly enough, the man who procured these documents is KEVIN PATRICK PREUSSE, one of the two people who absconded with the Sugar Pine Mine Legal Fund donations.]


This looks really bad for BLM.  Anybody would think they were trying to destroy their own agency from the inside out. Maybe they are.

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