Friday, May 15, 2015

ALERT! - Con Man Absconds with Sugar Pine Legal Fund Donations


It is with great sadness and disappointment that we post the following info from Kerby's Facebook page...

I have something very important to say to the mining community at large, as well as all of you in the Patriot Movement who are reading this.
Recently, an individual by the name of Kevin Patrick Preusse (if this is his real name) has managed to inundate himself into our ranks under the guise of someone who is willing to stand up to fight for the rights of miners. His act was so effective that he wound up “assisting” with the collection of legal funds for the owners of the Sugar Pine Mine which is currently under threat by BLM. Strangely enough, a miner on Oregon Gold Hunters actually publicly called this into question, calling Kevin a scam artist. Several miners ridiculed that accuser on the grounds that Kevin had surrounded himself with numerous figures in the mining community that had earned him an air of respectability.
According to the accuser, Kevin's father had turned up at his place of business and then threatened him in front of his wife and children.
After weeks of the Sugar Pine Mine owners requesting that he transfer their legal funds (which they badly need), Kevin Preusse has since a absconded with their funds, leaving them in not only a financial hardship, but also placing the future of their case against the 1955 Surface Resources Act at stake. During those weeks, numerous excuses were made by Kevin that he was in and out of the hospital with cancer complications, which according to some published information on the web is part of his M.O. The true extent of how much donation money he has stolen is unknown since Kevin had control of the funds. The Sugar Pine owners have since filed a criminal complaint with FBI.
In the meantime, Kevin also “borrowed” a metal detector from a woman named Marion Kennedy. When she asked for its return and was ignored, Kevin responded by threatening to file over the top of her claim. In the meantime, as Marion reached out for aid, Kevin told persons (including myself) who asked him to make sure that the detector was returned, that Marion would not answer his texts or was putting off picking up the detector from him. He even showed transcripts of text messages from “Marion” to prove this. It has since come to light that forging text messages and e-mails, is also part of Kevin's M.O.
Galice Mining District has a considerable body of evidence that will be presented to the FBI regarding Kevin's theft of Sugar Pine legal funds, as well as his theft of Marion's metal detector.
In the meantime, it has become apparent that Kevin Preusse has also attempted to engage in attempts to Divide and Conquer the mining community. As one example, he has suggested to several people that Karen and David Darnell are plants for BLM who were inserted into the mining community to takeover the leadership of mining organizations in the NW part of Oregon. He also accused Marion Kennedy of the same.
Meanwhile, considerable information has come to light on the web that Kevin Preusse is a professional conman with a long history of running various scams that go back a period of seven or eight years. These are well documented on the web and you may review those links. I think they speak for themselves.
Over the last several months, a number of people have contacted me expressing their concern of Kevin making inroads into the mining community. Unfortunately, I took their concerns to result of some squabbling they had engaged in with Kevin in the past and I apologize to those people that I did not take their warnings seriously.
The above being said, I am calling upon all OathKeepers and III%ers to place Mr. Preusse under citizen's arrest and to deliver him into the custody of the nearest member of law enforcement or into the hands of the nearest magistrate should they encounter. Apparently, Mr. Preusse claims to be a member of organized crime and after being warned by the Sugar Pine owners that they would be in touch with the FBI, he threatened that “we have more firepower than OathKeepers”. Therefore, I believe he should be regarded as armed and dangerous by anyone who attempts to approach him. They should take whatever precautions they see fit in bringing Kevin Preusse to justice. Currently, he is known to frequent the following locations: Rocky Gulch and the North Fork Galice Creek in Josephine County, WhiteHorse Creek and the vicinity of Azalea in Douglas County. His current residence is believed to be Salem, Oregon.  
- Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine Spokesman, Archivist & Mining Historian.

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  1. Man !!! This Humaniod, Is Very Busy.Im Shaking My Head. I Just Was Watching a Video From YouTube...& He Says That He Works As A Undercover Agent for Portland Oregon's Joint Terrorist Task Force. & Was Sent To Burns Oregon, To Infiltrate The PATRIOTS & To Get Any & All INFORMATION BACK TO THE TASK FORCE. This Humaniod Has "SAID" SO MANY LIES ABOUT THE BUNDYS & Lavoy. & Id Love ajust 15 Minutes Alone With This Wanntabe F*cktard Humaniod... I Realize NOW WHY ANIMAL'S EAT THEIR YOUNG !!! WHAT A USELESS PEICE OF SKIN.

    1. I especially liked the part where I was the only one who said he was shot 3 times and all the other parts that when watched today (the YouTube videos) shows I was telling the truth and proven correct.

      I never once stated that I worked for JTTF and said I merely helped and tried bringing a peaceful resolution to the situation.

      No point going further as no one here cares about truth and the comment will be deleted

  2. Yeah, he says a lot of things, Katherine! LOL!

  3. Maybe its time to tell the people what I know about KEVIN PATRIC PREUSSE

    1. Laurie! Please do! Email me directly at SugarPineMine (AT) or you can put your comments on this page.

      We're hoping EVERYBODY who knows about him will speak up.

      Thank you!

    2. Yes Laurie do tell.... Tell us of how you are angry that I shut down your meth maker, dealer and distributor. That 30/30 didn't work out to well and 3 deputies were there to get us out safely. Get help before they lock you up!

      Whose next?


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