Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is BLM Spokesman Jim Whittington a Compulsive Liar? Does He Need Professional Help?

This video below is of the work done last summer at the Sugar Pine Mine, when they were mucking out tunnels.

 According to Jim Whittington, Spokesman for Medford BLM, the mine has a -

"...fairly big footprint to it. There is no plan of operation that would cover the level of work they are doing there."

That's strange, since the following was the extent of all the mining equipment listed in their Notice of Noncompliance -

"Several small crushers and a small ball mill...small bulldozer, mini excavator"

(Click HERE to see the actual stop notice document from BLM.)

As you can see in the video, they were working at the Sugar Pine Mine the same way they would have when it was first claimed, over one hundred and fifty years ago, with a shovel, an ore car and lots of elbow grease.

This photograph is of a mine in Nevada called the Goldstrike Mine -

[Photo credit : Lithium6ion via  (Public Domain Image)]

It was taken from 38,000 feet above, because it is so huge.  (It is many miles across.)

According to BLM's awesome logic, the Goldstrike Mine (above) is a much smaller mine since it has a Plan of Operation, you know, that thing the Sugar Pine can't get cause it's so enormous?

Uh, yeah.

And this is a photo of the Sugar Pine Mine tunnel entrance -

In case you were wondering, BLM are lying to you. Repeatedly.

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