Sunday, April 26, 2015

Did BLM Carry Out An Illegal Burn On Your Property or Claim? - Send In Your BLM Horror Story

Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine Spokesman, Archivist and Historian has publicly called for people to come forward with their BLM Horror Stories...
 "Almost every long time miner I've spoken to has seen the agencies do their cabin burns and commit other crimes against miners. I want those stories and if possible, photos to go with them, even if it's just a pile of ashes. They do not have to have taken place in Oregon. Please send details to:"
Have you had your house, cabin or mill building burned down by BLM?  Did they illegally take your mining claim?  Do you have a Pre-55 claim and they took your surface rights?  Kerby Jackson would love to hear your story.

Naturally we're particularly interested in mining-related stories, but anybody who has been aggressed against by BLM and strong-armed is welcome to send in their story, whether they are a miner or not.

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