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Very Early History of the Sugar Pine Mine

The following is from an historical timeline of the Sugar Pine Mine by Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Archivist and Mining Historian.
Sometime between 1858 and 1860, the Sugar Pine Mine was discovered by P. Cassidy, J.E. White and B.F. Simms who sink a short shaft into an ore body on the top of Sugar Pine Butte. It is one of the earliest gold quartz discoveries in the State of Oregon and is the first in the Galice District, if not the first in the entire state. There is dispute as to whether the discovery took place in 1858 or 1860. In her book Along the Galice Trail,
Galice area historian, Claudette Morning Pruitt, lists the date of discovery as 1858, while most sources list the date as 1860. To date, Pruitt's research has not been verified, but our research indicates that many of the details she mentions can be corroborated through records. The 1860 Federal census lists a P. Cassidy (born, 1807 in Ireland) living in Galice precinct who is 53 years old, as well as Job White (birthplace unknown) of Briggs precinct who is 21 years old and B.F. Simms of Galice precinct who is 36 years old. Cassidy, White and Simms build an arrastre at an unknown location, but little mining is done.
Thomas Martin (born Ireland) of Galice precinct, who is 31 years old, buys out J.E. White's interest in Sugar Pine. Martin owned a saloon and boarding house called the “Eagle” on Skull Bar at the mouth of Galice Creek, as well as extensive water ditches. Martin was responsible for giving Applegate Gulch, a tributary of Galice Creek, its name. The conveyance dated June 20th, 1860 is found in Josephine County Mining Records, Volume 1, Page 274. It states that for a sum of $300, the transaction grants to Martin, an undivided one third interest in “a certain quartz lead situated on the Right Hand Fork of Galice Creek, now known as the Sugar Pine Lead (which) was discovered by White, Cassidy and Simms”. The transaction also grants a water right for mining purposes from Galice Creek.
On July 3rd, 1860, John McGrath and William Crow relocate Sugar Pine or a claim on the same lead – the record is not 100% clear as to which is the case. Josephine County Mining Records, Volume 2, Page 273.
Writing in 1884, Joseph Gaston wrote that: “The quartz excitement of 1860 was felt in Galice creek to some extent, and a vein was found three miles above Witt and Arrington's store, on the right hand fork of the stream. Sims, Martin, Cassiday and Dinsmore possessed the best claim.
The last man mentioned by Gaston is probably George Dinsmore, which the 1860 Josephine County census states was born in Canada about 1832 and who was a resident of the Walker's Mill Precinct. This precinct was named after the Walker Brothers (Augustus L. and Wesley R. Walker) who settled 160 acres near what is now Merlin. The Walker Brothers were natives of Kentucky who arrived in the area in 1852. In the summer of 1855 they were mining at Galice and were participants in the Siege of Galice Creek in October of that year, later enlisting during the subsequent Rogue River War, which entitled them to Donation Land Claims.
The precinct named for them included two areas, one served by the Slate Creek Post Office near what is today Wonder, Oregon and the second which was served by the Leland Post Office (near Sunny Valley). About half of the twenty households in the portion which George Dinsmore lived in was populated by Chinese miners. As best as can be figured, this portion of Walker's Mill Precinct extended from the vicinity of Merlin to at least as far west as about Hellgate Canyon, most of the settlers living along Jump Off Joe Creek. As best as can be determined, George Dinsmore does not appear in any future census records in Oregon or California after 1860 and seems to have disappeared, possibly returning to Canada.

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ALERT! - Con Man Absconds with Sugar Pine Legal Fund Donations


UPDATE :  [7:03 am - 5/15/2015]  MORE KEVIN PREUSSE RIP OFF LINKS 

It is with great sadness and disappointment that we post the following info from Kerby's Facebook page...

"I have something very important to say to the mining community at large, as well as all of you in the Patriot Movement who are reading this.
Recently, an individual by the name of Kevin Patrick Preusse (real name) has managed to inundate himself into our ranks under the guise of someone who is willing to stand up to fight for the rights of the miners. His act was so effective that he wound up “assisting” with the collection of legal funds for the owners of the Sugar Pine Mine which is currently under threat by BLM. Strangely enough, a miner on Oregon Gold Hunters forum actually publicly called this into question, calling Kevin a scam artist. Several miners ridiculed that accuser on the grounds that Kevin had surrounded himself with numerous figures in the mining community that had earned him an air of respectability.
According to the accuser, Kevin's father had turned up at his place of business and then threatened him in front of his wife and children.
After weeks of the Sugar Pine Mine owners requesting that he transfer their legal funds (which they badly need), Kevin Preusse has since a absconded with their funds, leaving them in not only a financial hardship, but also placing the future of their case against the 1955 Surface Resources Act at stake. During those weeks, numerous excuses were made by Kevin that he was in and out of the hospital with cancer complications, which according to some published information on the web is part of his M.O. The true extent of how much donation money he has stolen is unknown since Kevin had control of the funds. The Sugar Pine owners have since filed a criminal complaint with FBI.
In the meantime, Kevin also “borrowed” a metal detector from a woman named Marion Kennedy. When she asked for its return and was ignored, Kevin responded by threatening to file over the top of her claim. In the meantime, as Marion reached out for aid, Kevin told persons (including myself) who asked him to make sure that the detector was returned, that Marion would not answer his texts or was putting off picking up the detector from him. He even showed transcripts of text messages from “Marion” to prove this. It has since come to light that forging text messages and e-mails, is also part of Kevin's M.O.
Galice Mining District has a considerable body of evidence that will be presented to the FBI regarding Kevin's theft of Sugar Pine legal funds, as well as his theft of Marion's metal detector.
In the meantime, it has become apparent that Kevin Preusse has also attempted to engage in attempts to Divide and Conquer the mining community. As one example, he has suggested to several people that Karen and David Darnell are plants for BLM who were inserted into the mining community to takeover the leadership of mining organizations in the NW part of Oregon. He also accused Marion Kennedy of the same.
Meanwhile, considerable information has come to light on the web that Kevin Preusse is a professional conman with a long history of running various scams that go back a period of seven or eight years. These are well documented on the web and you may review those links. I think they speak for themselves.
Over the last several months, a number of people have contacted me expressing their concern of Kevin making inroads into the mining community. Unfortunately, I took their concerns to result of some squabbling they had engaged in with Kevin in the past and I apologize to those people that I did not take their warnings seriously.
The above being said, I am calling upon all OathKeepers and III% to place Mr. Preusse under citizen's arrest and to deliver him into the custody of the nearest member of law enforcement or into the hands of the nearest magistrate should they encounter. Apparently, Mr. Preusse claims to be a member of organized crime and after being warned by the Sugar Pine Mine owners that they would be in touch with the FBI, he threatened that “we have more firepower than OathKeepers”. Therefore, I believe he should be regarded as armed and dangerous by anyone who attempts to approach him. They should take whatever precautions they see fit in bringing Kevin Preusse to justice. Currently, he is known to frequent the following locations: Rocky Gulch and the North Fork Galice Creek in Josephine County, WhiteHorse Creek and the vicinity of Azalea in Douglas County. His current residence is believed to be Salem, Oregon.  
- Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine Spokesman, Archivist & Mining Historian."
Links to the long list of Kevin Preusse scams and threats (and these are just what we've found so far; there may be many more and we suspect that there are) -"

Rip Off Report #1 -

Rip Off Report #2 - 

Rip Off Report #3 - 
Rip Off Report #4 - 

Oregon Gold Hunters Forum - Member Threatened -

Ripped Of by Kevin Preusse -
Blogger posts about his Kevin Preusse experience - (same person as blog above)

Kevin posting under fake ids and accusing Michael Crichton of copyright infringement -

Kevin using his trailer park neighbor's name to pose as his own fan in the 'Celebrity' category -
Kevin Preusse Developing Earthquake Prediction Modality! - Has Funding! [ID: Scoops]   (Link defunct - no cache available.  Pity, it was a hoot!  LOL!)

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BLM Logic Fail - Exhibit #1 - The Sugar Pine is Bigger than the McCove/Coy Mine

In our research into the endless shenanigans of the Bureau of Lawless Mobsters, we've come across some golden little nuggets. (Pardon the pun.)

This post is an example of the BLM's logic (or lack of it thereof,) and proof that they favor gigantic oil, gas and mineral extraction by international conglomerate corporations over the Mom & Pop type operations like the Sugar Pine.

Using BLM's logic, the Sugar Pine Mine with its 120 acres, 3' x 4' tunnel entrance and next-to-no surface disturbance is so utterly enormous that BLM have no plan of operations big enough to cover the humungousness of it, but the McCoy/Cove Mine in Nevada, a (then) 4018 acres of claims with an OPEN PIT is such a teensy-weensy little thing that the Environmental Impact Study found NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the Shoshone-Eureka Resource Area land it's on. The study was done for the additional 367 acres the company wanted to add to the mine in order to build 21 new ponds.

CLICK HERE to see an image of the McCoy/Cove Mine.

EDIT : The McCoy/Cove mine is now 31,000 acres and has been significantly expanded since the filing of the documents we're working from for the purpose of this blog post. (Also see disclaimer at the end of this post for more info.)

The actual quote from Jim Whittington, BLM Medford District spokesman regarding the giganticness of the Sugar Pine was published in the The Daily Courier (April 15th) and is thus -

"There's a fairly big footprint to it. There is no plan of operation that would cover the level of work they are doing there. For something as intense are we're seeing out there, they're going to need a plan of operation."

So, which is it, Mr. Whittington?  Sugar Pine needs a plan of operation, or Sugar Pine is too big for any plan of operation you have? Make up your mind. Is there any depth you won't stoop to, any story you won't make up, in order to back-track on the BLM's monumental faux pas? Take our advice - there is no way the BLM can or will talk their way out of this one with more lies and distractions. There is no lie you can tell, no diversion you can misdirect people down, that will ever make you right, because you are simply WRONG. Nothing can change that.  Nothing.  No amount of lacky so-called journalists who chase non-existent phantoms and whip the uneducated into a frenzy will ever make you right either.  The facts are the facts are the facts, and there's no getting around them.  They will not go away.

Oh, and please answer our FOIAs!  It has been 3 months now.  Are there some records missing or something? 

Mr. Whittington, you and your employers should be thoroughly ashamed of the way you have continually lied to the public throughout this whole debacle of  the BLM's making.  You are a disgrace to your agency, and you are a disgrace to the country and the government you represent. All we asked for was that you do your job, abide by the law.

And by they way, BLM, Sugar Pine doesn't need a plan of operation - WE HAVE SURFACE RIGHTS. Remember when we tried to get you all to sit down and look at our conclusive proof and your refused, several times?  Remember that?

Which part of WE CONTROL THE SURFACE AND WE HAVE PROOF do you not understand?

The BLM is lying to the public about the Sugar Pine, and Jim Whittington's quote above is the perfect illustration of that fact. Disinfo will NOT win this case.

If you'd care to take a look at it, here's the PDF of the BLM document Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) relating to the infiltration system expansion of the McCoy/Cove mine.

DISCLAIMER : The FONSI document was picked at random from this page and is in no way is a condemnation of the mining company that owns the McCoy/Cove mine, nor a judgment of their operation. It is simply a random document for illustrative purposes. For the record, the operating company, Echo Bay Minerals Company, was bought by Kinross Gold Corporation in 2003, the 7th largest gold company in the world. [Sources :

NBMG Mining District File Collection

The Burning Desires of BLM - Victim #1 : Punta Gorda Lighthouse

The Punta Gorda Lighthouse in Humboldt County, California, first lit the way for vessels at sea in 1912 along the desolate coastline.

The lighthouse's remoteness, tendency to become an island in the winter rains, and reputation for being the place to exile wayward Light House Service employees, became known as the Alcatraz of Lighthouses.

Village burned to the ground by BLM

Punta Gorda Lighthouse was deactivated and abandoned in 1951.

According to the Bureau of Land Management...

The light station consisted of three two-story frame dwellings, a frame fog signal house, blacksmith and carpenter shop, outbuildings, a reinforced concrete light building with iron tower and curved iron stairway, and a reinforced concrete oil and distillate storage house.  A small creek on the south side of the light station supplied the water for the station. 

The lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 5, 1976. The Fresnel lens and the flag staff pole were removed many years ago to the Maritime Museum in Eureka, California and there are no outbuildings remaining to service the Station. 

What the BLM omitted to tell you there was that they burned everything to the ground, with the exception of the lighthouse tower and the oil house.

Why? You may well ask.

Because 'hippies' dared to move into it.

A group of people moved into the long-abandoned small village and made improvements to the numerous buildings and settled there for a while. They were evicted by local authorities and BLM burned the little village down, destroying the buildings the people had worked hard on and made their homes.

Was this really necessary? Was it? It had been abandoned for nearly twenty years. People moved into it and improved it and made the place their homes when nobody else cared for it nor wanted it. It was (and is) a remote, difficult to access, sometimes inaccessible place that no one else had the slightest interest in.

And along came the BLM jack-booted fire-bugs with a big box of matches.

Burn, baby, burn.

Even although BLM claims that they have NEVER burned down anything, that it has not happened and it will not happen, it would seem to be common knowledge to all and sundry BUT the BLM.  How can so many people know that BLM burn down homes and properties on a regular basis and the BLM are still publicly denying they do any such thing?  Is there really a need for the BLM to lie about this anymore? Is it not glaringly obvious by now that this agency seems to have gone completely rogue, nearing the point of sedition and treason?  They have no regard whatsoever for the Constitution. They have no use for property rights, unless it is their own right to take what they chose, with impunity.

Take a look at these websites, blog posts and forum threads, regarding the burning, demolishing or seizure of people's homes,  properties and mining claims...

Alaska State Legislature - SB 391 - DALTON HIGHWAY TRAPLINE ACCESS Minutes

IRS and BLM Illegal Activity Exposed!

Alaska Gold Forum - Building a Trapping Cabin?

Your Web Apps Forum - Personal Experience w/BLM

Gold Rush Expeditions - Destruction of Historic Buildings in Death Canyon in the Simpson Mountain Range (fourth sub-heading) Forum - Backcountry Hassel [sic]

The list goes on and on. We suspect we've not yet even scratched the surface.  These are just a few examples illustrate the point that although none of those links constitutes hard evidence that the BLM have burned down cabins and seized property, but either they have and do, or there is a massive internet conspiracy against them in random and disparate demographics.

Still want to claim you don't burn people out, BLM?  Hmmm?

SOURCES : - The Alcatraz of Lighthouses - Punta Gorda Light
Punta Gorda Lighthouse Photograph - United States Coast Guard Photography


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BLM Employee Emails, Destroying Records, Lies, Withholding FOIAs

Yes, just another day at the office for BLM!  Destroying records, lying and withholding public information is all in a days work for BLM.

Today, below is a PDF of documentation regarding the BLM stonewalling of our FOIA requests and the destruction of public records.

PDF of EVIDENCE - BLM Employee Emails, affidavits, etc...

An email from a BLM archaeologist (from the Medford District office,) states his suspicion that records have been destroyed. We've always considered him one of the very few 'good guys' who work for BLM. He is passionate about his job and was willing to share information and research.

An additional email, from NARA (National Archives & Records Administration) states that they have very little records from BLM and what they have procured had been poorly managed. The email correspondence was in response to Sugar Pine Archivist, Kerby Jackson's request for records from NARA, relating to the Sugar Pine, in 2013.

In addition, affidavits have surfaced from another miner, regarding his own difficulty in gaining access to records for his mine. 

Tina Siebert, Land Law Examiner at the BLM State Office in Portland, declared to the mine owner that the records for his claim had been destroyed in the 1980s, and was given nothing.  Returning later to the same office, the miner was given a small amount of records for his claim by a clerk, without comment or problem.Tina Seibert is also the BLM employee who gave the Sugar Pine documentation to a third party without any questions, whilst we're still waiting for many of our FOIAs to be answered, three months later.

A second affidavit by the same miner documents his request for the FBI to investigate the destruction of the public records, which was met with contempt and disinterest from the agent.

It would seem that some BLM employees do their jobs, and others have a clear agenda to conceal public information. Apparently, they also lie about documents having been destroyed in order to avoid handing them over, since we know at least some paperwork remained.

BLM, this isn't getting any better for you guys, is it? Right now, you look like the most deceitful, spiteful, malicious agency this country has ever known.  And we haven't even started yet.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Are BLM in Self-Destruct Mode? All Quiet on the Sugar Pine FOIA Front...But ONLY If You OWN It!

The owners of the Sugar Pine Mine have sent 14 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to BLM to procure what documentation they have on the Sugar Pine, the pre-55 gold mine in Galice, OR they are currently attempting to land grab.  So far, they've had 3 responses to the 14 requests. Most of these FOIA requests date back to February.

In fact, until the media storm began, BLM were in default over all of the FOIA requests. When a FOIA is sent, you must respond within 20 days, by law.  Needless to say, we know that we would still be waiting for any response if we had not gone public with this case.

Two of the FOIAs, so far, have not been fully complied with - the request was for certified copies of these documents and did not receive them. They were sent on CD.

The State of Oregon was also sent five FOIA requests at the same time and all have been promptly and adequately answered, as has one sent to USFS around the same time.

A dude walks into the Portland BLM office and verbally asks them for the Sugar Pine Mine records they have on file. They mail them out the next day!  Here's the video evidence!  [NOTE : Interestingly enough, the man who procured these documents is KEVIN PATRICK PREUSSE, one of the two people who absconded with the Sugar Pine Mine Legal Fund donations.]


This looks really bad for BLM.  Anybody would think they were trying to destroy their own agency from the inside out. Maybe they are.

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So, BLM Doesn't Threaten to Destroy Property, Huh? - The Dusty Ford Case

Below you will find a document procured from Mr. Dusty Ford regarding his legal battle with BLM which began in 2010.

Mr. Ford was harassed by BLM and eventually arrested for - wait for it - theft. Theft of GARBAGE from his claim.

Mr. Ford was cleaning up and removing garbage and debris left by (probably) tourists who used the claim to camp on, and was arrested for theft of BLM property.

The judge in this case was extremely stern with the BLM employees who wasted public funds by bringing this arbitrary and capricious case against Mr. Ford.

Although Mr. Ford won the case against him in court, the BLM retaliated against him for daring to question their authority.  Since he proved in court the claim was his property, but producing his title in the form of a location notice, whereas BLM could produce zero paperwork proving lawful title to the tract of land, BLM attempted to force the removal of his historic cabin on said claim. Although
he was not occupying the claim, BLM accused him of doing so, and demanded he file a Plan of Operation for occupancy. Needless to say, he chose to not file a plan since he was not occupying, whereby BLM then sent him a legal notice stating that they were going to 'begin removal of the structures.'

Ford was not given a choice to appeal, nor was he issued a citation which would give him a day in court and his due process of law under the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution.

According to a complaint Ford lodged with then Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters, BLM employees informed him that they intended to burn the buildings. (from a Cease & Desist notice, 8th February, 2011, sent by certified mail.)

He also complained to then Sheriff Winters that a BLM employee, John Gerritsma, "intends to commit arson upon my cabin within the next couple days. He and his co-conspirators have invaded my property, and tank-trapped my access contrary to state and federal law." Ford requested the arrest of those who were violating his rights.

On 10th February, 2011 Ford sent a Cease & Desist notice to Gerritsma (Ashland Field Manager,) Dayne Barron (Medford District Manager,) and Ken Salazar (the then Secretary of the Interior,) commanding them to cease and desist their unlawful activity, which included their intention " destroy my mining incident cabin, agency personnel on the ground telling me it will be destroyed by arson, and the subsequent invasion by means of trespass, heavy equipment, mineral trespass and the like."

Ford also told them they were "fraudulently representing a lawful authority to further your criminal enterprise," and informed them of the complaint he had filed with then Sheriff Winters, and requested that they turn themselves in to the County Sheriff's custody.

Due to Ford's complaint to Sheriff Winters, and the threat to file civil suit in federal court, his cabin is still standing.

Despite this, Ford has not initiated any mining operations on his claim for fear of further attacks against him by BLM.

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BLM's Evidence of Surface Control!

Firstly, let me just say...


Now that's out of my system, check out the document BLM Public Spokesman, Jim Whittington thinks is the be all and end all of this case.

I'm saying no more, just go look!

Click HERE or the DOCUMENTATION tab on the nav bar to take a look.

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How Much Is This BLM Land Grab Costing YOU, the Taxpayer? Ask them!

Are you wondering how much this latest Bureau of Lawless Mobsters attempted land grab is costing YOU, the taxpayer?

You should ask them!  You'll get quite a shock.

A couple of years ago, USFS decided to endlessly harass another miner, named David Everist, who lived out in the woods in an old trailer on his claim. They prosecuted him for removing a DEAD TREE, littering, and not having a plan of operation. Dave mined with a sluice box, a shovel and a gold pan.

That case cost YOU, the TAXPAYER, $11.5 million.

This number was obtained via FOIA documents procured from USFS by David Everist.

Yes, you read that right.


Can you even imagine how much the Sugar Pine case is costing? Public relations specialists being flown in from DC, the team of lawyers, the cost of all the Homeland Security and FBI they've brought into the area, apparently for YOUR safety (from what I do not know.) 

And all because they wouldn't sit down with us and allow us to present the abundance of proof we have of our surface control.  They were given the opportunity to do the right thing, numerous times. They refused. Repeatedly.

Diane Parry, BLM Geologist for Medford District, arranged a meeting with us and decided not to turn up, claiming to be sick, and instead sent her assistant and an obnoxious constitution-hating Sheriff's deputy (BLM law enforcement). We actually had somebody else call her office and ask to be put through to her. They WERE put through to her. She was NOT sick at all. She lied. So, you see, this isn't something that came out of the blue and we just decided to get Oath Keepers to protect our property on a whim. This has been ongoing for months. They just didn't think we would or could put up the fight that we have.

And now YOU are going to be made to pay for all of this with your taxes.

Seriously, you have a right to know how many millions they are spending on this frivolous case that they CANNOT WIN in law, because they are simply WRONG.

Here's who you should contact to ask -

Dayne Barron - BLM District Manager
Medford District Office
Phone : 541-618-2444
email :

Diane Parry - Geologist (The person who ordered this unlawful land grab in the first place.)
Medford District Office
Phone : 541-618-2353
email :

Office Address -
BLM Medford District 3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-618-2200 (Main Office number)
email :  (Main Office email)

Whomever you talk to is unlikely to tell you anything more than you should file a FOIA request, for which they charge sometimes large sums of money.  (The cost to Rick Barclay, Sugar Pine owner, has already reached approximately $10,000, most of which is FOIA request fees for documents.)  But just making your concern known to them will send a message.

What they are doing to Sugar Pine is wrong. They are not following even their own agency regulations. They are breaking federal law for which some of them may lose their pensions. They are committing federal crimes for which some of them may go to jail when their superiors throw them under the bus as a sacrifice to save their own jobs.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Did BLM Carry Out An Illegal Burn On Your Property or Claim? - Send In Your BLM Horror Story

Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine Spokesman, Archivist and Historian has publicly called for people to come forward with their BLM Horror Stories...
 "Almost every long time miner I've spoken to has seen the agencies do their cabin burns and commit other crimes against miners. I want those stories and if possible, photos to go with them, even if it's just a pile of ashes. They do not have to have taken place in Oregon. Please send details to:"
Have you had your house, cabin or mill building burned down by BLM?  Did they illegally take your mining claim?  Do you have a Pre-55 claim and they took your surface rights?  Kerby Jackson would love to hear your story.

Naturally we're particularly interested in mining-related stories, but anybody who has been aggressed against by BLM and strong-armed is welcome to send in their story, whether they are a miner or not.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dale & Mike - Inside News Show - Sugar Pine Mine - April 25th 2015

Like Dale Matthews says in the video, "This is what all the fuss is about."  He says it with incredulity.  If you watch the video, you'll see why.

Sugar Pine Mine Caretaker Interview - Danny VanDerschelden

Dale Matthews ( interviews the caretaker of the Sugar Pine Mine, Danny VanDerschelden.

Is BLM Spokesman Jim Whittington a Compulsive Liar? Does He Need Professional Help?

This video below is of the work done last summer at the Sugar Pine Mine, when they were mucking out tunnels.

 According to Jim Whittington, Spokesman for Medford BLM, the mine has a -

"...fairly big footprint to it. There is no plan of operation that would cover the level of work they are doing there."

That's strange, since the following was the extent of all the mining equipment listed in their Notice of Noncompliance -

"Several small crushers and a small ball mill...small bulldozer, mini excavator"

(Click HERE to see the actual stop notice document from BLM.)

As you can see in the video, they were working at the Sugar Pine Mine the same way they would have when it was first claimed, over one hundred and fifty years ago, with a shovel, an ore car and lots of elbow grease.

This photograph is of a mine in Nevada called the Goldstrike Mine -

[Photo credit : Lithium6ion via  (Public Domain Image)]

It was taken from 38,000 feet above, because it is so huge.  (It is many miles across.)

According to BLM's awesome logic, the Goldstrike Mine (above) is a much smaller mine since it has a Plan of Operation, you know, that thing the Sugar Pine can't get cause it's so enormous?

Uh, yeah.

And this is a photo of the Sugar Pine Mine tunnel entrance -

In case you were wondering, BLM are lying to you. Repeatedly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sugar Pine Mine Twitter NOW LIVE

The Twitter feed for the Sugar Pine Mine is now live.  Follow us or send us a message.  Use the details below or the Twitter widget to the right of this page.

Twitter URL -

User Name - @SugarPineMine

Rick Barclay, Sugar Pine Mine Owner on KDRV News

Watch the video of Rick Barclay, co-owner of the Sugar Pine Mine in Galice, OR, interviewed last week on KDRV Newswatch 12.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Protest Your Local BLM Office! - Thurdsay 23rd April

WHERE - Your local BLM office

WHEN - Thursday, 23rd April, NOON (Pacific Standard Time)

On Thursday, April 23rd at NOON (Pacific Standard Time), there will be a support rally for the Sugar Pine Mine at Galice Oregon at the Medford District BLM office. For those of you who cannot attend, we are asking you to gather and peacefully protest outside YOUR LOCAL BLM OFFICE. We are calling on all miners, loggers, farmers/ranchers and freedom lovers everywhere who are tired of government abuse to tell the BLM that the people of this country that they are sick to death of the way that they have been conducting themselves.

We'll see you there!

Medford District BLM Office
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504

Go to to find your local BLM office.

Families Evicted, Homes Burned to the Ground by USFS

In 1990, Pulitzer Prize-nominated broadcaster and journalist, Shann Nix, wrote an article about the plight of miners living along the Salmon River in Northern California. At the time, Nixx was a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The article, which ran in the newspaper on May 18th, 1990 was entitled Hardscrabble Miners Make Their Last Stand – Forest Service Evicts Families, Razes Homes. The article makes for a heart-breaking read. (We're hoping that the rights to this article have reverted back to Ms. Nix and are working on permission to reprint it in its entirety.) 

[Note: Shann Nix responded to our request and told us she would have been happy to let us reprint her article, one that is so close to her heart, but unfortunately her former employer, the San Francisco Chronicle, still owns the rights to the piece.]

Nix interviewed miners and their families who had been evicted by the USFS (United States Forest Service,) who proceeded to burn down their cabins, leaving some of them homeless, with nothing, penniless without their claims to mine on, and with nowhere in the world to go. They even invited them all to a Town Hall Meeting where the miners and their families requested a moratorium on the burning of their homes, and whilst they were occupied, talking with the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, armed USFS employees burned down yet another home. They even bulldozed the rose bushes and burned the beautiful fruit trees that surrounded the house. With their Sadism knowing no bounds, they even ordered people to burn down their own homes, under the threat of arrest, fines and imprisonment.

There is NOWHERE that any LAW allows them to do this.

These land management agencies, be it USFS, or BLM, or whomever else, are simply lawless. They are nothing more than criminals. They commit arson, property destruction, and yes, even (alleged) murder, in the name of, well, in the name of NOTHING, except their own out-of-control egos and institutional arrogance.

Why is this tolerated by their superiors? Why? How can this be allowed to happen? Time and time again, over and over? How can they be allowed, by the government of this country, to act as they wish, regardless of the law, regardless of even their own regulations, and with impunity?

Is there anybody, anywhere who can answer these questions?

These guys (below) would know the answer, and no doubt, that answer would be because we can.

The following are quotes from Shann Nix's article -

“Every time the Forest Service removes a structure or a family, it's one less to deal with. And the big operations pay big bucks...We started to burn obviously abandoned fire-hazard type cabins with the permission of the owner, then it seemed to accelerate among the Forest Service guys. Who can burn more Cabins? Then it turned into a race. Before the public picked up on it, we had lost 25 – 30 structures. Then we started to plan it. We started to kick people out, so we could burn the cabins. I burned down cabins myself.” - Matt Olson (Retired USFS employee)

“Society's becoming more sophisticated. The frontier spirit is outdated...We want larger, more efficient [mining] operations...We don't find these homesteaders consistent with today's standards of mining...Who decides what defines a full-time operation? I do. There are no written guidelines.”
- Mike Lee (Retired USFS District Ranger)

What is most disgusting about Mike Lee's statements is the fact that his own heritage is MINING! Check out the quote below, from Lee, taken from an interview which was part of the USFS Oral History Project, and conducted by Janet Buzzini.

“I was third generation Chinese to be born in Nevada County. My great-grandparents came to
Nevada County during the mining years, and my grandfather had a restaurant there, and my
father and my uncles and a lot of people worked in the mines.” - Mike Lee (Retired USFS District Ranger)

Those who have committed these crimes against hard-working, honest, generous people, in the name of absolutely NOTHING, and for no reason, other than they could because nobody ever stopped them, are an absolute disgrace to their families, to their government, and to their country – the country they have helped to destroy.

God bless America. May she rest in peace.

Hardscrabble Miners Make Their Last Stand by Shann Nix. (First published in San Francisco Chronicle 18th May, 1990.) [Not available online.]

USFS Oral History Project – Index of Interview Transcripts :

District Ranger Mike Lee (Retired) – USFS Oral History Interview – direct link :

Interview with Sugar Pine Mine Co-Owner, Rick Barclay

Interview with Sugar Pine owner Rick Barclay, at the very mine on which BLM has illegally issued a shut down order.

Kerby Jackson on Infowars Nightly News Discussing Sugar Pine Mine

Below is the video of Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine historian and spokesman, being interviewed by David Knight on the Infowars Nightly News discussing the latest unlawful land grab by BLM in Galice, OR.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPDATE - More BLM Non-Compliance with Federal Law

We are shocked to report, as of this date, BLM has still not complied with any of our fourteen (14) FOIA (Freedom of Information Act,) and has chosen to completely ignore us, in violation of yet another FEDERAL LAW (5 USC 552.)

BLM claim they want to 'communicate' with 'the miners.' We can categorically tell you, they do not.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's Going On in Galice?

What, indeed!

Well, here's the deal...

Kerby Jackson's Facebook Page

Sugar Pine Mine's Facebook Page

These websites are the ONLY places to find our what's really going on between the Sugar Pine Mine and BLM, without all the conspiracy theories, gossip and disinfo that's flying around the internet. When we say the ONLY places, we mean that.

We will also keep you updated with links to interviews, news stories and other relevant info via the blog on this site

For the simple, short answer CLICK HERE!

For a more detailed answer, including legal arguments, CLICK HERE!