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BOMBSHELL : BLM Employees Admit Sugar Pine Mine is Pre-1866 and has Surface Rights!

The following email exchange between members of the BLM Medford District's Abandoned Mine Lands Unit and Minerals Division is proof that they KNEW the Sugar Pine Mine was Pre-1955 and had intact Surface Rights. (Even although they actually have the location date wrong because they don't have the complete Chain of Title.) This is the reason they broke the Stay issued against their enforcement, granted to the miners by the IBLA court – to change the location date of the mine to bring it under a different regulatory authority.  They actually tampered with documents during a legal case!  

The Sugar Pine Mine is the only surviving mining claim group of this age in the state – as you can see being admitted by the lying, cheating, thieving as-yet unindicted co-conspirators at BLM.

This email exchange happened in 2013, BEFORE George and Rick owned the claims. At the time, the claim was owned by the person referred to in the email chain, who is described as “immortal” by a now-former BLM employee, clearly referencing the age and surface status of the claims.  He also likens the agency to “the kragan [sic],” misspelling Kraken - a mythical vicious monster. We agree, BLM - you are vicious monsters.  But if only you too were fictitious.

The BLM Medford District Lead Geologist entitled the email "one mining claim left in the state located prior to 1866."  Well, gee willikers - it's the Sugar Pine Mine!  This was the answer to a question she asked a BLM Land Law Examiner - "how many active mining claims were located in 1866 and before?" 

The following document is the attachment sent in the email - the Live Serial Register Page which has the original location date of the claim - but again, their date is actually wrong.

BLM you're busted.

And as Zeus would say, “Release the (legal) Kraken!”

NOTE : Before you freak out and man the BLM SWAT truck, Special Agent AS, this is PUBLIC INFORMATION received as a FOIA response - and no, you still can't arrest us for telling the truth about your corrupt, lying agency, sorry.  And remember, Special Agent, you're the one who refuses to investigate the crimes committed by BLM employees. That's aiding and abetting, and taking part in the conspiracy to steal private, personal, conveyed items of property.

None of the names of the public servants (ho-ho) are redacted on the document that was sent. This is the document as-is. This is information the public has a right to see.

"Krakken" Chris West Art

Monday, September 4, 2017

If Only There Was a Video of Medford BLM Publicly Admitting They Want to Steal the Sugar Pine Mine Stamp Mill...Oh, Look! There Is One!

The following video is an Archaeologist from BLM Medford District PUBLICLY ADMITTING their plans for the Sugar Pine Mine - 6 YEARS AGO.

The video, shot by Oregon Mining Historian, Kerby Jackson, at the Grants Pass Interagency Office on 4th October, 2011 records an exchange between Jackson and the AML Unit Archaeologist (who shall remain nameless for now, since they will try and have us charged with Reckless Endangerment for telling the truth about one of their lying, thieving Indiana Jones wannabes.

Contrary to what BLM told the public during what they dubbed The Sugar Pine Incident - that they didn't even know there was a mine there - they have been planning to place the Sugar Pine Mine (and other mines in the same group,) on the National Register of Historic Places.  The plan, we have discovered, through gleaning various documents procured via FOIA request, was to shut down the mines and take the old, rare Jardine Stamp Mill that sits on one of them.

Subsequently, when the trespassing antiquity-thieves didn't get their way, they filed false police reports about being "held up at gunpoint"by the mine's caretaker, and proceeded to terrorize him for weeks, urging him to give up the dirt on Sugar Pine or else there's a Grand Jury waiting for you.

Needless to say, this video is just one piece of evidence that proves the vast BLM conspiracy against the Sugar Pine Mine, that dates back several years - since at least 2009 when the BLM Medford began snooping around in Galice, looking for Cultural Resources to steal - an excellent excuse to use 43 CFR 3809 (UUD) regulations to slip in by stealth through the back-door with ARPA and NEPA, and shut down mines - despite the lies he tells in the video, emphasizing that there will be no mines shut down, no mining interfered with...and all said with a straight face. Unfortunately for them, their consistently sloppy, lazy, inadequate research failed to uncover that the mine was Pre-1955 - removing it from their Surface Management authority. But they probably just didn't care. 

A BLM Medford Public Information Officer, who disgraced himself in public with his overwrought ramblings about the gargantuan size of the Sugar Pine Mine, told the public the BLM didn't even know that there was a mine there.  Curious, since they've had a Monitoring Project on our Stamp Mill for some time now, funded by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), currently trying to extort us for a ridiculous sum of money for information about our own mine - because they don't want to hand it over.  Because SHPO are in it up to their necks and they don't want to lose their pensions or go to jail.

Unfortunately for Medford BLM, the coveted Stamp Mill is a conveyed item of personal property and cannot be taken from the owners by any law that exists in this country.  And the Surface Rights issue is absolutely moot in relation to the Stamp Mill.  As is whatever decision the Department of the Interior's own Administrative Court, IBLA makes - it cannot change the fact that the Stamp Mill is beyond the reach of BLM.  Forever.  It's a pity though - if they'd asked for it we would have given it to them.  

The answers he gives to the questions asked are absolutely priceless and showcases beautifully what BLM think of the general public, and that they will do what they want to whomever they want whenever they want.  The contempt and arrogance of this Agency-Supremacist shines through.




[ Transcription ends at 17:47 ]

BLM Archaeologist : I'll come back to this plurality of names in just a second, but in terms of 'feature cannibalism' this particular stamp mill is one of my favorites that we've found, and it shows you the ingenuity of mining, and miners, and basically shows you all of these principals we've talked about. You've got a stamp mill that we have historical documentation that this exact stamp mill was set up and in use by 1925. But it was not set up here, at this spot. I know that because the tie-down bolts on the mortar block here – the mortar block is new concrete – and somebody stuck rebar in there to hold it up, 'cause it's pretty crazy, rather than actual tie rods.

George Backes : [whispered] Sugar Pine Mine.

BLM Archaeologist : We don't know exactly where this was set up originally, I have a feeling that behind this where somebody had taken a D8 Cat and they've made a nice area for them to come up and be able to load their ore in the mill, that probably was where the stamp mill was set at. We know its been moved, but it is a 1925 stamp mill. Obviously, this Toyota pick-up truck is not 1925. This is actually the motor that was driving the bull wheel on the stamp mill – it's a 1971, uh, or not a Toyota – it's a Datsun. 1971 Datsun truck that somebody had set up to run this thing. You've got a 1976 bed of a Toyota pick-up that actually is their ore chute that allows them to drop ore in there. There's the bed of a Ford pick-up that off the picture. The Ford pick-up was the ore bin, and you've got a lot of old timbers and different things that indicate that they've reused things that they've found on-site. That's typical of what you're gonna find at a mine here. The lady in the back of the room.

Lady in Back of the Room : [inaudible]

George Backes : Two-stamp?

Kerby Jackson : It's five.

George Backes : Two stamp. That mill is a two-stamp. Wanna bet money?

Kerby Jackson : I have photos of it at home.

George Backes : Wanna bet? It's a two-stamp. Looked at it a dozen times.

Woman in Back of the Room : [inaudible] … I don't know if it's a congress, or Presidential Executive Order... [inaudible] ...It's a National Historical Preservation Act... [inaudible] which established [inaudible]

George Backes : [inaudible] ...little Datsun motor and a transmission, still had the front end of the Datsun pick-up on the front of it. The two-stamp – one of the stamps is busted. [inaudible]

Kerby Jackson : I do remember that.

Woman in Back of the Room : [inaudible] identified as archaeological sites – I guess what I'm trying to figure out [inaudible] ...I don't get the connection why they're even going through this process, whoever they are.

BLM Archaeologist : Sure, that's a – let me clarify that – that's my fault; I didn't make it clear enough for you. Everything we're going to is not an archaeological site. That's something to keep [inaudible]. We're talking about archaeological sites. The stuff I'm showing you [inaudible]. But some of these, like the, the, the shot earlier with the Environmental Impact, the trailer and two cars – that is not an archaeological site, it's – that's a mine. And it's, it's, it's a dump. Uh, and so it doesn't fit the definition. There is a definition given, uh, for what an archaeological site is by the State Historic Preservation Office. Uh, uh, and their definitions in the Historic Preservation Act what constitutes a historical site, which we were mentioning. All this stuff's online. I encourage you to read it. It doesn't take long to read through.

Woman in the Back of the Room : Will they give a definition of why they're [inaudible] ...archaeological site. Uh, there's a reason for this, right?

BLM Archaeologist : Yes, and if you read the National Historic Preservation Act it will explain the whole purpose of it. And it's not just the NHPA – there's, uh, uh – oh, trying to think what it was – the 1906 Antiquities – the 1906 Antiquities Protection Act. Uh, there's a whole body of law that goes through and talks about things that are important for cultural heritage – our history – and why they should be preserved. And so, uh, you know I'm not gonna take – we're running out of time – I'm not gonna take time to describe these laws now. You can see them for yourself – every single one of them is online. Uh, if you go to the National Parks Service, uh, just look up “archaeology laws,” uh, National Parks Service. They've actually got a really nice website with links to all the original legislation in PDF format. Go and download it and read it through.

2nd BLM Archaeologist : One more thing – I suggest you go to the State Historic Preservation Office website. They have a lot of good things on there.

BLM Archaeologist : Yeah; Oregon SHPO. S – H – P – O. Yes, sir?

Man in Audience : Yeah, you forgot to list the outhouse that's on that site.

BLM Archaeologist : [laughs] Yeah, that's right. I did. I think I did mention, yeah – two support buildings [inaudible] Yes, sir?

Kerby Jackson : In the case of this one – is this going to be an “Archaeological Site?”

BLM Archaeologist : It is, yes. Because it is, it's, it has, on this particular mine...

Kerby Jackson : It does definitely have history.

BLM Archaeologist : Located in 1900. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Kerby Jackson : It was actually located before 1900. That's actually the oldest listed lode mine in this district. And I also know that the claim that's current actually has an unbroken Chain of Title, since 1860.

BLM Archaeologist : [inaudible]. I'm talking to the assessment miner.

Kerby Jackson : You've actually talked to the miner?

BLM Archaeologist : Not the guy who has the claim. I've talked to his assessment miner who had come down from the [inaudible].

Kerby Jackson : Needless to say where there's, in that situation, uh, will that stop mining on that claim?

BLM Archaeologist : No. We can't emphasize enough what we're doing is not going to stop people from mining, so, you know, we're looking at it strictly from the standpoint of doing, uh, what's called the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act. Uh, BLM's got a project where they're looking to, uh, uh, identify any abandoned mines, and if they are abandoned and there's a [inaudible] ...definition for that, which 2nd BLM Archaeologist mentioned, uh, and the hazards, like you've got a vertical shaft, you know, hundreds of feet deep and there's nobody working it, there's no claims on it, uh, BLM is identifying those and determining, or if that needs to be closed. According to national laws, BLM cannot do that – close that up – without going through a process and things, such as determining, is this of historical significance, and is closing this mine going to to have a detrimental effect on the historical significance of this site?

Kerby Jackson : Right.

BLM Archaeologist : That's what we're doing. Yeah. What we're doing's not gonna stop anybody from mining.

Kerby Jackson : I, I, I guess my biggest question is – do you have the realization with this particular claim in question – I know which one; I've been by it several times – uh, there is an unbroken Chain of Title that goes back before the mill was even there?

BLM Archaeologist : Yes.

Kerby Jackson : So, that mill, through an unbroken Chain of Title – it belongs to the claim owner. Have you considered that?

BLM Archaeologist : It's – yeah – I've thought about it. But you're getting into an area of legal issues, you know, you...

Kerby Jackson : I, I, I guess my question is, is where you want it listed as an archaeological site and obviously a lot of that has to do with basically how intact that mill is – and I think it's about 75% – besides the fact is has been revamped. You know, there's really nothing stopping the miner from using that mill. It's his property. I guess my question is – how does what you guys do affect that?

BLM Archaeologist : Uh, it's a good question. Is, uh, you know, I can't answer it for you. It's, it's, it's gonna turn on legal interpretations and, you know, as 2nd BLM Archaeologist is always fond of pointing out to me, I read something legally, and I say – well, this say this, and he says, well, let me call my lawyer friend and see what they say, and they have something totally different that they say, and you know, it's just a good reminder for me that, yeah, it's something that, that, congress and lawyers and other people are gonna have to figure out. I can't determine that.

Kerby Jackson : OK

BLM Archaeologist : That's – you're pointing out a really good issue, though, and it's, it's, they're, I believe, that you've got a very interesting gray area where you can get archaeology laws and mining laws and you know, uh, you get environmental protection laws – you get all these things that are laws that we and congress, as a country have, the people that we've elected passed them, and it seems like there's some conflicts and that's why you've got the Judicial System.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Who Signed the Sugar Pine Mine Shut-Down Orders?

For some time now, we at the Sugar Pine Mine have had a mystery on our hands. Out of the blue one day, one of our researchers asked “Who signed the Sugar Pine shut-down orders? And we went “Uh, dunno!” It had not occurred to us that something this fundamental to a legal case would result in that sort of a question having to be asked. But it was so potentially huge an issue that we decide to ask the Bureau of Land Management, thinking they would just tell us; no problem.

But, oh, no. No, no, no. Of course not. We should have known better, judging by their petulant, arrogant, superior behavior up until now.

We had to send a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the BLM, containing a very simple question – who signed the Sugar Pine Mine Non-Compliance notices?

When they finally responded, they said that information wasn't FOIAble, they didn't have to provide that information, and they were not going to. The very act that shut down our mine, that instructed us to destroy our mine workings and the improvements we have made, and our personal property, was signed by persons unknown to us.

Then we contacted the person whom the notices were signed on behalf of - the Grants Pass Resource Area Field Manager. We asked him, via a green-carded letter, who is the signee “acting for” you? He has not responded.

So, BLM have brought a legal case against us, that is still going on two years later, and we are not permitted to know who signed the notices that turned our lives and livelihoods up-side-down, and cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Once again, as is their habit, they are obstructing justice, infringing our rights, and subverting due process. This is what they have done right from the start. This is what BLM do as a matter of course. It is just business as usual for the corrupt, compliant Renfields who work for that agency of seditionists.

This is the signature -

This name, whatever it says, looks like "Jim Bull" to us, which would be a definite problem!

We've not even made an accusation regarding the signature, one way or another. We just asked a question. Why will BLM not tell us who signed it? They're not even claiming an exemption, like they usually do, that releasing the information will endanger somebody's life. Gasp! Oh, the drama! What are they hiding?

Oh, no, they didn't? Did they? Did they have an underling sign a false name to indemnify themselves against prosecution, because they knew that the mine was Pre-55? Or did a certain employee, hell bent on possessing our Stamp Mill - by any means necessary - sign the notices with a bogus name, not thinking the notices would be challenged, thinking we would walk away rather than face the regents at BLM?

Oh, and by the way – WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID, BLM. Just in case you're wondering. And we'll see you in federal court. No matter how much stonewalling you do, no matter how many times you block us from accessing information, no matter how many thousands of dollars you try to extort us for when you don't want us to see something, no matter how many hundreds of redacted pages of nothing you make us pay for - we're not going away.  You must face this. 

What they have done is an absolute outrage. It should shock and appall every single American. This is what they do in countries we disparage, with hereditary dictators and a compliant, afraid citizenry.

This ain't North Korea. This is America. We have a Constitution. We have Acts of Congress. And lawyers. Right, T?

In closing, just be sure to stay tuned for updates and links to this site where all the announcements will be made. We have uncovered a bona fide conspiracy to take our mine, and an item of conveyed personal property, under Color of Law, Color of Authority, and the misapplication of regulations, when we can prove they knew the mine was Pre-1955 and had Surface Rights. (And we have it on video!)

We have known about BLM Medford's desire to take our mines and our Stamp Mill for years – we've known since before we even owned them, since they decreed their plans in public! This dispute was not over the Surface Rights – which BLM know this mine has. They've always known. They've never challenged the surface for the last 50 years...since the last time they tried to shut down the mine and sever the surface. They failed then too. No, this is all about the Stamp Mill, and two socio little geeks who think they have a government license to steal.

To add to these crimes against us, the very person who INSTIGATED this whole thing – a BLM Medford District AML Unit employee – ran around the internet to defame us, libel us, and put our lives in danger from being raided by the Federal Government, all with malicious, vindictive lies because we stopped him from taking our Stamp Mill. Of course, we'd love to just release all the evidence and info on these traitorous sociopaths, but we'd just be accused of endangering their lives. We'll just let the federal court subpoena what they won't hand over to us. We have filed several DOI OIG complaints.(Department of the Interior Office of the Inspector General) about this particular employee. We have been notified that the complaints were passed on to BLM Internal Affairs.

You know what the saddest thing about this whole situation is? If they had simply approached us, like human beings, and asked us for the Stamp Mill, WE WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT TO THEM. That's right – we would have given them the stupid old thing. We have no use for it, no desire to have it. But they'll get their hands on it now over our dead bodies. We guess certain people will just have to be satisfied with building teensy-weensy little replicas of stamp mills for the time being. They're really cute, by the way! (I know some of these references are inside jokes – but the names will come out in the court documents, and you'll all be able to read their testimony in the court transcripts. ALL will be revealed, come time.)

We are currently in contact with the Office of the Attorney General / Department of Justice regarding criminal conspiracy charges. Attorney General Sessions himself will personally receive a copy of our complaint.

And you thought you got away with it, didn't you? Of course you did. No filthy little oik was going to stand in your way, were they?

But justice, much like revenge, is sometimes better served cold. And patience is a virtue.

And remember this, “Cato,” when you're sitting in your jail cell, contemplating how such a formidable intellect as yourself could end up there, just remember it was us, the “non-college graduate... douche bag miners” you revel in looking down your nose at who put you there.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Keep Calm and Check Acronyms!

Due to the vicious, vindictive vile venom we've seen sprayed all over the mainstream media over the last few days, I feel compelled to clarify something.  Although obvious to most, I feel the need to make sure that everybody who does not live in the rural western US understands the current acronym confusion a lot of people seem to be suffering from. I was perplexed by the sudden bile-filled tsunami of lib-tards and people of color losing their minds over situation in Malheur County, OR.  And then I kept seeing hash-tags with BLM attached, and rantings about 'white racist terrorists.'  So, just to make sure...

...the BLM that the Hammond Family supporters were protesting against this past weekend is the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, and NOT the African-American protest movement BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Just in case anybody misunderstood.

It would be an epic fail of historical proportions for the next American Civil War to start over a misunderstood acronym.  It's almost like it was planned by some diabolical evil genius to divide and conquer us all, isn't it?

And I agree - Black Lives DO Matter.  And so does EVERYBODY else's too.  Because my empathy is for fellow human beings - whatever their race, color, creed, religion or personal philosophy may be.

United - we stand.

Divided - we fall.  All of us.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Harney County / Hammond Ranch Statement

We here at the Sugar Pine Mine have been made aware of the situation unfolding in Harney County, Oregon.

Although we fully support the Hammond family, we DO NOT support the splinter group currently occupying a Federal Government building to further their own agenda - whatever that may be. 

Whatever the reason, whatever the motives of this group, this is not the way to deal with the traitors inside the rogue government agency called BLM. 

The crimes of the BLM are so vast, so wide-ranging, that the Federal government will have to deal with the criminals who work for them. 

We still believe in the LAW. 

We still believe in JUSTICE. 

We still believe in the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. 

We still believe there are good people, righteous people, who work IN government and FOR the people. 

We still believe that we can, and will, win in court. 

We hold these values and beliefs dear and we shall never surrender them.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT support any action that has been designed to inflame emotions or incite violence.  We DO NOT and WILL NOT support any action that will render a wife without a husband, nor children without a father.

- The Sugar Pine Folks.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Very Early History of the Sugar Pine Mine

The following is from an historical timeline of the Sugar Pine Mine by Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Archivist and Mining Historian.
Sometime between 1858 and 1860, the Sugar Pine Mine was discovered by P. Cassidy, J.E. White and B.F. Simms who sink a short shaft into an ore body on the top of Sugar Pine Butte. It is one of the earliest gold quartz discoveries in the State of Oregon and is the first in the Galice District, if not the first in the entire state. There is dispute as to whether the discovery took place in 1858 or 1860. In her book Along the Galice Trail,
Galice area historian, Claudette Morning Pruitt, lists the date of discovery as 1858, while most sources list the date as 1860. To date, Pruitt's research has not been verified, but our research indicates that many of the details she mentions can be corroborated through records. The 1860 Federal census lists a P. Cassidy (born, 1807 in Ireland) living in Galice precinct who is 53 years old, as well as Job White (birthplace unknown) of Briggs precinct who is 21 years old and B.F. Simms of Galice precinct who is 36 years old. Cassidy, White and Simms build an arrastre at an unknown location, but little mining is done.
Thomas Martin (born Ireland) of Galice precinct, who is 31 years old, buys out J.E. White's interest in Sugar Pine. Martin owned a saloon and boarding house called the “Eagle” on Skull Bar at the mouth of Galice Creek, as well as extensive water ditches. Martin was responsible for giving Applegate Gulch, a tributary of Galice Creek, its name. The conveyance dated June 20th, 1860 is found in Josephine County Mining Records, Volume 1, Page 274. It states that for a sum of $300, the transaction grants to Martin, an undivided one third interest in “a certain quartz lead situated on the Right Hand Fork of Galice Creek, now known as the Sugar Pine Lead (which) was discovered by White, Cassidy and Simms”. The transaction also grants a water right for mining purposes from Galice Creek.
On July 3rd, 1860, John McGrath and William Crow relocate Sugar Pine or a claim on the same lead – the record is not 100% clear as to which is the case. Josephine County Mining Records, Volume 2, Page 273.
Writing in 1884, Joseph Gaston wrote that: “The quartz excitement of 1860 was felt in Galice creek to some extent, and a vein was found three miles above Witt and Arrington's store, on the right hand fork of the stream. Sims, Martin, Cassiday and Dinsmore possessed the best claim.
The last man mentioned by Gaston is probably George Dinsmore, which the 1860 Josephine County census states was born in Canada about 1832 and who was a resident of the Walker's Mill Precinct. This precinct was named after the Walker Brothers (Augustus L. and Wesley R. Walker) who settled 160 acres near what is now Merlin. The Walker Brothers were natives of Kentucky who arrived in the area in 1852. In the summer of 1855 they were mining at Galice and were participants in the Siege of Galice Creek in October of that year, later enlisting during the subsequent Rogue River War, which entitled them to Donation Land Claims.
The precinct named for them included two areas, one served by the Slate Creek Post Office near what is today Wonder, Oregon and the second which was served by the Leland Post Office (near Sunny Valley). About half of the twenty households in the portion which George Dinsmore lived in was populated by Chinese miners. As best as can be figured, this portion of Walker's Mill Precinct extended from the vicinity of Merlin to at least as far west as about Hellgate Canyon, most of the settlers living along Jump Off Joe Creek. As best as can be determined, George Dinsmore does not appear in any future census records in Oregon or California after 1860 and seems to have disappeared, possibly returning to Canada.

Friday, May 15, 2015

ALERT! - Con Man Absconds with Sugar Pine Legal Fund Donations


It is with great sadness and disappointment that we post the following info from Kerby's Facebook page...

I have something very important to say to the mining community at large, as well as all of you in the Patriot Movement who are reading this.
Recently, an individual by the name of Kevin Patrick Preusse (if this is his real name) has managed to inundate himself into our ranks under the guise of someone who is willing to stand up to fight for the rights of miners. His act was so effective that he wound up “assisting” with the collection of legal funds for the owners of the Sugar Pine Mine which is currently under threat by BLM. Strangely enough, a miner on Oregon Gold Hunters actually publicly called this into question, calling Kevin a scam artist. Several miners ridiculed that accuser on the grounds that Kevin had surrounded himself with numerous figures in the mining community that had earned him an air of respectability.
According to the accuser, Kevin's father had turned up at his place of business and then threatened him in front of his wife and children.
After weeks of the Sugar Pine Mine owners requesting that he transfer their legal funds (which they badly need), Kevin Preusse has since a absconded with their funds, leaving them in not only a financial hardship, but also placing the future of their case against the 1955 Surface Resources Act at stake. During those weeks, numerous excuses were made by Kevin that he was in and out of the hospital with cancer complications, which according to some published information on the web is part of his M.O. The true extent of how much donation money he has stolen is unknown since Kevin had control of the funds. The Sugar Pine owners have since filed a criminal complaint with FBI.
In the meantime, Kevin also “borrowed” a metal detector from a woman named Marion Kennedy. When she asked for its return and was ignored, Kevin responded by threatening to file over the top of her claim. In the meantime, as Marion reached out for aid, Kevin told persons (including myself) who asked him to make sure that the detector was returned, that Marion would not answer his texts or was putting off picking up the detector from him. He even showed transcripts of text messages from “Marion” to prove this. It has since come to light that forging text messages and e-mails, is also part of Kevin's M.O.
Galice Mining District has a considerable body of evidence that will be presented to the FBI regarding Kevin's theft of Sugar Pine legal funds, as well as his theft of Marion's metal detector.
In the meantime, it has become apparent that Kevin Preusse has also attempted to engage in attempts to Divide and Conquer the mining community. As one example, he has suggested to several people that Karen and David Darnell are plants for BLM who were inserted into the mining community to takeover the leadership of mining organizations in the NW part of Oregon. He also accused Marion Kennedy of the same.
Meanwhile, considerable information has come to light on the web that Kevin Preusse is a professional conman with a long history of running various scams that go back a period of seven or eight years. These are well documented on the web and you may review those links. I think they speak for themselves.
Over the last several months, a number of people have contacted me expressing their concern of Kevin making inroads into the mining community. Unfortunately, I took their concerns to result of some squabbling they had engaged in with Kevin in the past and I apologize to those people that I did not take their warnings seriously.
The above being said, I am calling upon all OathKeepers and III%ers to place Mr. Preusse under citizen's arrest and to deliver him into the custody of the nearest member of law enforcement or into the hands of the nearest magistrate should they encounter. Apparently, Mr. Preusse claims to be a member of organized crime and after being warned by the Sugar Pine owners that they would be in touch with the FBI, he threatened that “we have more firepower than OathKeepers”. Therefore, I believe he should be regarded as armed and dangerous by anyone who attempts to approach him. They should take whatever precautions they see fit in bringing Kevin Preusse to justice. Currently, he is known to frequent the following locations: Rocky Gulch and the North Fork Galice Creek in Josephine County, WhiteHorse Creek and the vicinity of Azalea in Douglas County. His current residence is believed to be Salem, Oregon.  
- Kerby Jackson, Sugar Pine Mine Spokesman, Archivist & Mining Historian.

Links to the long list of Kevin Preusse scams and threats (and these are just what we've found so far; there may be many more and we suspect that there are) -

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